Slot Primary
Type Machine Guns
Class Medic


Blueprint No. 39
Custom Version Mobile Turret
The XMG is a 3-barreled Machine Gun.


The XMG is similar to the Vulcan Machine Gun. They both have multiple barrels and high Rates of Fire. The XMG has lower damage than other machine guns, but has a high rate of fire to make up for it. On the downside, though, it bad accuracy and a magazine containing only 70 rounds. 


The XMG is certainly best as a close range weapon. It is best to have a long range sidearm, such as the UMP 45 to make up for the XMG's terrible accuracy. However, using it with Tripod will allow higher accuracy when crouching, and the long range of this weapon will then trully come to use. Make sure to pick up ammo as often as possible, as the XMG has no reload available.


  • The XMG is reference to a the Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare machine gun of the same name and appearance.
  • In Gun games, XMG has unlimited ammo, due to having no reloads.
  • XMG is look like GAU-19b .50 cal machine gun.