Slot Primary
Type Machine Guns
Class Medic


Blueprint No. 40
Custom Version Raven
Vulcan is a chain Machine Gun . It can be used by Medics or Mercenaries.


It has high fire rate but low accuracy, like almost every other machine gun. It also has extremely low damage. You will need to use it for a few seconds to kill the enemy, especially if they are highest level than your hero/gun. But it has the most ammo, and no reloads.

Custom version of this machine gun is Raven.


The Vulcan is fun to use, but low DPS makes a big problem. Compared to Chain SAW, this chain gun has extremely low damage, with almost identical fire rate. You can use the Vulcan for few battles after you unlock it's blueprint, but soon you will realize there are far better machine guns.

Best used with long range, accurate, and high damage dealing secondary, such as Crossbow or Licence To Kill.


  • Based on real life M61 Vulcan gatling gun,but no one can using M61 Vulcan 20mm by handhelding due to its weight over 250 lb. In real life, M61 Vulcan is used as rotary cannon on military fixed-wing aircrafts.
  • It is replacement of Minigun, another rotating gun featured in SFH 1 and 2. In real life, M134 Minigun can be used by handhelding.
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