• Ultinix

    • Primary: Hand Cannons
    • Secondary: Hattori Hanzo
    • Attachment: Burst Module
    • Equipment: Scavenger

    • Trait: Chameleon
    • Flaw: Disliked
    • Killstreak: Smoke Bomb

    • Kill Stealer
    • Healthy
    • Tactical Reload

    • As a ninja, Shadow assassinates enemies rapidly and silently from the burst of Hand Cannons in close combat.
    • If the enemy hasn't died yet, Shadow can finish the kill with Hattori Hanzo.
    • Her Killstreak is Smoke Bomb, which can allow her to get out of a sticky situation, capture the flag (if you're lucky), or kill enemies by teleporting random places.
    • Her trait, Chameleon, allows her to be unseen from the enemies. 

    • She can be unseen from the enemies.
    • She can quickly assassinate enemies due to Burst Module from Hand Cannons. Can finish up the kill using Hattori Hanzo.
    • She can …

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