They are powerful, futuristic weapons, most of them of which can inflict status effects.

Non-custom weapons overview

Rail Gun

Obviously the best non-custom Experimental you can ever get, Rail Gun is even better for sniping than any actual sniper rifles!

Ion Cannon

Ah, the Ion Cannon.  Reminds me of the Malevolence's ion cannon from Star Wars: The Clone Wars.  Ok, back to SFH3, the Ion Cannon isn't the best weapon, but it is a handy starter.  It works like a shotgun and can poison enemies.

Laser Cutter

Hence its name, the Laser Cutter shoots lasers at the enemy.  The Laser Cutter has very high fire rate, combined with the chance to ignite enemies, makes it a pretty powerful weapon.


Fires white, bouncing grenade things that do not explode.  Weak impact, but it's projectiles move pretty quickly and has great RoF.

Pulse Rifle

It's projectiles have chance to freeze enemies.  It has longer range than most Experimentals, but the Rail Gun still utterly trumps this weapon like a boss.  Use this only if you can't get the Rail Gun.

Custom weapons overview

Fortune's 500

Literally THE best Experimental Weapon in the entire SFH3 universe!  Higher DPS than Rehab, the most deadliest sniper rifle, automatically electrocutes enemies, and its accuracy and range is off the scale!  If you are lucky enough, you can even kill an enemy before he even enters the screen!


Poisons enemies, obviously.  Medium fire rate, high impact.  Close range like an actual shotgun.  Since this weapon is close range, never try to snipe with this weapon.


Shoots lasers like its regular version, but auto-ignites

Precision Shot

Same thing as DSR1, except higher crit chance.  Just don't hit your teammates, as the Precision Shot has the highest impact of all Experimentals.


Automatically freezes enemies.  Not very good for close combat though...