Blades are Secondary Weapons that are really close-ranged.  However, all blades can be used without limit.  This makes up for its poor range.

Overview of the non-custom Blades


The Katana can deflect projectiles and has high impact.  The disadvantage is that it does not have much RoF, but that is only a minor disadvantage considering the high impact and the ability to kill an enemy with his/her weapon by deflecting the projectile back at him/her.


Unlike other Blades in the game, the Knife has high RoF, the highest RoF of all blades (second only to its custom version, the First Blood), which makes it pretty devastating.


The Axe has plenty of DPS and is the second-fastest blade in the game.

Stun Baton

The Stun Baton can inflict status effects on enemies, but has low impact compared to other blades.


The Club has very high impact, can insta-kill most weaker classes.  It also resembles a lightsaber and people who see it in action for the first time might mistake it for a lightsaber.

Overview of the custom Blades

Hattori Hanzo (the custom version of the Katana)

One of my favorite blades, because it can deflect even more projectiles and has even higher Impact.  The Hattori Hanzo can easily slice the living daylights out of enemies at close range in the game.

First Blood (the custom version of the Knife)

This Blade has the highest RoF of any blade, and has the second-highest DPS.  It also has 30% higher chance of a critical hit.

Big Willy (the custom version of the Axe)

The Big Willy has the highest DPS of any Blade, and can do 100% more crit damage.

Sick Stick (the custom version of the Stun Baton)

Hence its name, the Sick Stick poisons enemies when it hits them.  Like its non-custom version, the Club, it resembles a lightsaber.

Sky9 Iron (the custom version of the Club)

It may not look like it, but it's the custom version of the Club.  The Sky9 Iron has the most range of any Blade in the game and the force of the hit is more than enough to make the corpses of enemies fly away.


Players need to get pretty close to enemies when using most blades, but when they do get close enough, blades can slice (or bash) the living daylights out of enemies.