Intro About Burst Module

Making a weapon fire 3 bullets per click, Burst Module is a powerful attachment for many weapons, but is useless with other weapons.

Strengths and Weaknesses

Burst Module

Strengths:  Makes a weapon fire 3 projectiles per click, makes blades slice 3 times per click, especially destructive when used on Explosives.

Weaknesses:  Reduces damage dealt by 35%, useless when used on Tavor or Popper (makes them 3-round-burst instead of 5), triples ammo expenditure, making it troublesome for Experimentals.  Also troublesome when used on SMGs, Machine Guns.


When using Burst Module, it is important to choose the right weapon to be used on with Burst Module,  because if you choose the wrong weapon then Burst Module would harm the weapon instead of improve the weapon.