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  • I live in Pacific Ocean of HSW. I sometimes come to the surface to eat people in HSW, kill bloons in Bloon of Clubs, or walk to Monkey Lane to smash MOABs, or go into Minecraft and annihilate zombies, etc.
  • My occupation is Ruling SFH3 Hacked like a king, annihilating bloons in BTD5, devouring people in Hungry Shark World, and quickscoping green pigs in Angry Birds
  • I am Blue Sun God
  • TOTMGsRock

    Making a weapon fire 3 bullets per click, Burst Module is a powerful attachment for many weapons, but is useless with other weapons.

    Strengths:  Makes a weapon fire 3 projectiles per click, makes blades slice 3 times per click, especially destructive when used on Explosives.

    Weaknesses:  Reduces damage dealt by 35%, useless when used on Tavor or Popper (makes them 3-round-burst instead of 5), triples ammo expenditure, making it troublesome for Experimentals.  Also troublesome when used on SMGs, Machine Guns.

    When using Burst Module, it is important to choose the right weapon to be used on with Burst Module,  because if you choose the wrong weapon then Burst Module would harm the weapon instead of improve the weapon.

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  • TOTMGsRock

    Attachment Review

    March 1, 2016 by TOTMGsRock

    This post is about a new blog series called Attachment Review.  Posts in the Attachment Review series will focus on one weapon attachment at a time.

    The blog posts in Attachment Review will be in the following format:


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  • TOTMGsRock

    SMGs are pretty powerful secondary weapons.  Hence their name, they have high fire rate, but they have low accuracy and, like most other secondary weapons, have inferior range.

    This submachine gun has good RoF and decent impact, but it is starter weapon.  It can be replaced by more powerful weapons later on.

    One of my favorite SMGs, the MTAR has a 3-round burst, making it have a lot of DPS.

    I don't really like this SMG because it has low RoF, which is ironic for SMGs.

    This weapon has extremely high fire rate, but also very little ammo.  Try not to use it until you get closer to the enemy.

    Much better than the Vector, because it has a lot of fire rate AND more ammo.

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  • TOTMGsRock

    Weapons Review Continued

    November 15, 2015 by TOTMGsRock

    This blog post and the series of blog posts that are "Weapons Review Continued"-ish are a continuation of the original Weapons Review series.  Of course, the "Weapons Review Continued" series are also inspired by the original one. The format of the posts are also inspired by the original Weapons Review posts.

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  • TOTMGsRock

    Blades are Secondary Weapons that are really close-ranged.  However, all blades can be used without limit.  This makes up for its poor range.

    The Katana can deflect projectiles and has high impact.  The disadvantage is that it does not have much RoF, but that is only a minor disadvantage considering the high impact and the ability to kill an enemy with his/her weapon by deflecting the projectile back at him/her.

    Unlike other Blades in the game, the Knife has high RoF, the highest RoF of all blades (second only to its custom version, the First Blood), which makes it pretty devastating.

    The Axe has plenty of DPS and is the second-fastest blade in the game.

    The Stun Baton can inflict status effects on enemies, but has low impact compared to other…

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