In the Strike Force Heroes series, and almost every shooter game, there are certain "mechanics" that one may use to do various things in the game. They include dodging, fake pathing, kiting, awareness and manipulation of AI, basic firing and aiming and techniques used with different guns, as well as your play style.

"Why is this important? Why should I read this?" Well its not important at all and I don't why I'm doing this either, but your're here and I'm here so read on:).


It's simple right, just dodge the enemies bullets. Simple in theory, not so in practice. Say there's an sniper with Intervention. You're a Juggernaut. The moment you'll think you're in range, jump. That should create a large window to punish him for missing. Then just keep jumping around him. He should miss all his shots. Funnily enough, jumping around the enemy guarantees them missing 80% of the time.

Fake Pathing

Not so important for AI enemies than it would be in a hardcore RTS, but whatever. Pretend to go one way and instead go another. Sneaky. This is a bit of a mind game, but you cant play mind games with AI...


Simple, you're low, so is your enemy Juggernaut. You want to keep out of his range but still kill him. Move backwards while shooting, including jumps and juking around. Jumping to the enemy's other sidewill also work 90% of the time, as it causes the enemy to rotate, fire and miss. It's not that easy shooting a moving target which is rotating 180 rapidly around you.


Just general awareness of reload times, clip size and where enemies are. Try moving your mouse around when walking around to get as much vision of the map as you can.

Manipulation of AI

Classic. Remember the bosses in SFH1 AND SHF2? They were scary. But suddenly you equip an long range gun (snipers and rocket launchers work well)and camp the crap out of him, suddenly he doesn't look so scary anymore. The game's AI is terrible, take advantage of this. Sometimes just standing a little away wont be picked up on their AI. This results in them to normally just stand there, or completely ignore them while you're deleting their health bar.


Shoot at the enemy.


Now obviously your playstyle will be different playing a Sniper compared to a Knight. Adapt to that playstyle and pay attention to your gun. If it's an Intervention/Rehab, chill all the way back, compared to a G36R. You might want to be a little closer. (I respect your decision playing with a G36R). Now if you were a Knight, you would be spamming the Forward key and your katana. Both two very different playstyles. What if a sniper was doing this? Instant regret, that's what. (It should actually work if you spam all your ammo).

This wraps up the Gameplay Mechanics article. All feedback is helpful and I hope this isn't actually destructive to the site :).