Welcome to the third post in this series! This post, obviously, will focus on snipers. Dun dun dun...


Who doesn't love headshoting someone from halfway across the map? Anybody? No? Going once, going twice... You get my point. Sniper rifles are AWESOME! Let's kick it off with my old favorite:


Just the name strikes fear into enemies' hearts. Well, maybe not in this game. The Intervention, unfortunately, got a huge nerf from its SFH2 levels. Now it is the starter sniper in the game, a fact that really ANNOYS ME!!! (Deep breaths). Okay. The Intervention is a good sniper rifle, but lacks the one shot kill capacity it excelled at in SFH2. (Why? I don't know). For a sniper, though, it has darn good accuracy (90-99), which is one of the highest in the game. However, to kill an enemy, several shots are necessary.


One of the new weapons in the game, the Lynx is a powerful sniper rifle with the highest DPS in its class. However, damage per shot is lower than the Intervention, but fire rate is quite high for a semi-auto sniper. Despite its super high DPS, accuracy is quite low (second lowest in class), which limits its effectiveness at long range combat. I think the Lynx finds its niche in mid range combat. 6 rounds combined with a fast Rate of Fire and good enough accuracy to effectively kill enemies and mid ranges. This is not the weapon for going Rambo or for headshots halfway across the map. If you want someone dead, use the Lynx.


Returning from SFH2, the MK14 is sort of a hybrid weapon. It's like combining the Intervention and the G36R. No, I'm totally serious. I'll prove it to you: medium damage, fast Rate of Fire, good accuracy, and a nice clip of 12 rounds. See? I'm not lying. Despite all this, the MK14 (in my opinion) is an okay weapon. Due to its low damage, the MK14 needs multiple shots to kill enemies. However, on the flip side, the MK14 can pretty much be used anywhere. It has a fast enough Rate of Fire to kill enemies up close and high enough accuracy to kill enemies far away. I still wouldn't recommend going Rambo, but the MK14 is a good all around weapon.


A gun that has been in SFH, SFH2, and SFH3 under three different names, the L115 has been the top dog, then the 3rd dog, and now the top dog again. The L115 has the highest damage per shot of all the sniper rifles in SFH3. Woot woot! (Just like SFH). Despite this, one shot kills are rare. 2 shots are necessary to kill most enemies. Also, the L115 is plagued by small magazine size: 3 shots. 9 shots per respawn is not a lot of ammo. I recommend reloading as often as possible to give yourself enough shots to kill enemies before they kill you. Because of this, the L115 finds its niche in the game at long range combat. Close-to-mid range combat poses a problem for the L115 due to small number of shots. Headshots halfway across the map? L115.


Another newcomer to the game, the G36R is (in my mind) not a sniper rifle. But that's just my opinion. The G36R is the spiritual replacement for the G11 in SFH2. It is the only full auto sniper in the game, and looks like a Rifle, because in real life IT IS A RIFLE! For those of you who like firing wildly at long ranges and hoping to hit someone, this is the rifle for you. 24 shots give it an impressive amount of firing time, but damage and accuracy are lowest in the sniper class. I've never been one for full auto snipers, but the G36 just LOOKS cool, doesn't it? Come on. Who wouldn't want that thing? It's awesome looking! Not so good in combat, but boss in the looks department.


A chart of Snipers, grading them on certain characteristics. 1 = terrible. 10 = amazing. Comprendo?

Damage Accuracy RoF Ammo Mode Strength Weakness
Intervention 6 8 5 3 Bolt Far Close
Lynx 4 6 7 4 Bolt Far Close
MK14 2 8 8 7 Semi Far Close
L115 8 8 2 2 Bolt Far Close
G36R 1 5 9 10 Full Mid Far

What doest thou think? Leave a comment if you like or if you have ideas for improvement.


This has been another weapons review with R2T9. Leave a comment below if you want to. If you don't want to, don't. I can't make you. Next post: Shotguns.

PS: Custom weapons will be after all Normal weapons. Sorry if that displeases you.