Welcome to the fourth post in the Weapons Review series! This post will be focusing on the world of...(scary music)...shotguns.


Usable by Ninjas and Juggernauts, shotguns are excellent close range weapons, weapons that requre you to get up close and personal with the enemy. Not for long though, because shotguns kill very quickly. Lets get this PARTY STARTED!!!


The first shotgun obtainable in the game, the R870 is a capable but average weapon. The R870 is average. Average damage, average accuracy, and an 8 round magazine. As shotguns go, the R870 is a good all around one. Now, in the world of shotguns, all around = close to mid range. No headshots halfway across the map. In fact, no headshots at all! I digress. The R870 is a capable weapon. You could use it throughout the game if you wanted to. Plenty of ammo, and enough damage to kill an enemy in a couple of shots. But why use it? Use it because the TAC 12 is...

TAC 12:

...a whole lot worse. In my opinion, the TAC 12 is the worst shotgun in the game. Possibly the worst weapon in the game. Seriously. When the custom version isn't that good, the normal version is probably a pile of cow dung. You all know the Doodie in the slot machine? Yeah. The TAC 12 could be that. All bias aside, here it is: low damage, very low accuracy (even for a shotgun), and a 12 round magazine. Please don't use it. Damage and accuracy are very low, too low to be any use in combat. You're better off using the R870.


Burst fire, here we come! Below average damage, high RoF, average accuracy, and a 4 round magazine, the DB12 is also burst fire! Each mouse click sends out two shots, which is enough to kill almost any enemy! Don't mess up, 'cause 2 bursts ain't a whole lot. I love the DB12. I do. I promise. It's a great weapon. You can one burst kill a lot of guys! (Can't say one shot b/c it is two :( ). Use it throughout the game. It will suffice. It will exceed.

MTS 255:

Speaking of exceeding, the MTS 255 is another one of my favorites. High damage, coupled with low RoF and a 3 round capacity makes a...killing machine! Now I know what you're thinking: that makes NO SENSE!!! But it does. Trust me on this. I still think it should be called Judgement, but whatevs. Ain't nothin I can do 'cept BLOW PEOPLE AWAY!!!!!!!!!! LITERALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! When you use it correctly (ie reloading AOAP (as often as possible)), it can be a true killing machine.

USAS 12:

First off, what's with 12s? TAC 12, DB12, USAS 12. Is it some sort of trend I don't know about? Anyway, the USAS 12 is the only full auto shotgun in the game. And it is certainly a terror. A terror to use and a terror to face. It has a very high RoF for a shotgun, and accuracy isn't very good. But it is full auto, and it is a shotgun, and it does have 12 rounds. What could be better? It is extremely capable of killing anything, because you have 12 chances. Make sure to reload often, as 12 rounds go be pretty fast. Best at close range. (Just like all the others).


A chart of Shotguns, grading them on certain characteristics. 1 = terrible. 10 = amazing.

Damage Accuracy RoF Ammo Mode Strength Weakness
R870 7 5 5 6 Semi Close Far
TAC 12 5 2 5 8 Semi None All
DB12 6 6 9 2 Burst Close Far
MTS 255 9 4 5 1 Semi Close Far
USAS 12 2 4 8 8 Full Close Far

What doest thou think? Leave a comment if you like or if you have ideas for improvement.


Thanks for reading and don't be afraid to comment. I don't bite. Promise. Next post: Machine Guns!

PS: Custom weapons will be after all normal weapons. Once again, SORRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...not really.