Welcome to the first post in the Weapons Revivew series! This post will focus on Rifles.


Rifles are, in general, the jack of all trades weapon in the game. Available to two classes (Medic and Engineer), they provide a balanced weapon to use in combat.

Honey Badger:

Available as the starter weapon in the game, the Honey Badger is a good all around weapon, capable of effective combat at any range. However, it is what it is: the starter. It is a good weapon in the beginning of the game, but as the game progresses, it loses its effectiveness. By no means am I saying it is a bad weapon, just that you should treat it as what it is: the starter. For those who like the playstyle of all around weapons, my recommendation is to upgrade to the AK12 ASAP. Speaking of which...


Ah, the AK12. Who doesn't love Russian weapons? As Rifles go in this game, the AK12 is probably the best. Think of it as the Honey Badger on steroids. Seriously. Its that good. Plus, its got and extra 2 rounds! YEE HAW! In all seriousness, though, the AK12 is an excellent upgrade of the Honey Badger. Better damage, better RoF, more ammo-what' not to love? As for playstyle, the AK12 is another good all around weapon. Use it for anything. Serious. Anything.


The XM8A1 shifts direction in the Rifle class. Perhaps as a nod to the class's name (Rifle, not Assault Rifle), the XM8A1 is a much more precise gun. With higher damage and accuracy than the Honey Badger, but a slower RoF, the XM8A1 is not a good all around gun. Why not? Simply the low RoF prevents it from being good at close ranges. The XM8A1 just cannot compete with an AK12 at close range. Instead, the XM8A1 finds its niche in mid and long range combat. Think of it as the G36's younger brother.

ARX 160:

Taking us back to the days of the FAMAS, the ARX 160 is the only burst fire RIfle in the game. I myself am not a fan of burst fire weapons. But since I know many are, I will do my best to present an unbiased review. SInce it is burst fire, one must click the mouse button often. Annoying (to me at least). However, the advantage of burst fire is that accuracy can remain quite good, as the pause between rounds allows it to reset a little. Also, burst fire weapons like the ARX 160 are good with ammo consumption, as one can only fire so many rounds (3) before clicking again. My advice on the ARX 160: use it primarily for mid-to-long range combat, as low RoF will cause problems at close range. And finally, last but not least...


Ah, the FAL OSW. Who can't like a good semi automatic Rifle? The FAL OSW has high damage for a Rifle, but that is negated by very low RoF, due to it being semi-auto. High accuracy reminds us of another class...maybe snipers? And that is my advice to those who use the OSW. Treat it like a mini sniper. 'Cause that's what it is (at least in my mind). Also, unless you are an extremely fast clicker, don't use it for close range combat. Please. You WILL get killed. Remember when I said treat it like a mini sniper? Yeah. I meant it. You don't use snipers up close, do you? Uh-huh. That's what I thought. FAL OSW=mini sniper=mid-to-long range combat. Yep.


A chart of Rifles, grading them on certain characteristics. 1 = horrible. 10 = amazing. Comprendo?

Damage Accuracy RoF Ammo Mode Strength Weakness
Honey Badger 5 7 6 5 Full All None
AK12 6 4 7 6 Full All None
XM8A1 6 7 4 5 Full Mid Close
ARX 160 5 9 6 8 Burst Mid Close
FAL OSW 10 9 2 3 Semi Far Close

What doest thou think? Leave a comment if you like or if you have ideas for improvement.


Thank you for reading this post, if you have any comments, please don't hesitate to write it. I will be glad for advice. Next post: Duals

PS: Custom weapons will be after all Normal weapons. Sorry if you don't like that :(