Welcome to the fifth post in the Weapons: Review series! Today we will focus on... (scary music)... Machine guns...dun dun dun...


Machine Guns are sort of a cross between Rifles and Shotguns. Proof: Damage: Rifle, RoF: Rifle, Accuracy: Shotgun. Sold? Probably not. Ah well. Enough of this. On with the show!


The starter machine gun, the MK48 is certainly a capable weapon. It doesn't really stand out as a weapon, but it is good and reliable, capable of being used throughout the whole game. As machine guns, the MK48 is a good all around weapon. Yes, other machine guns are better, but the MK48 can certainly hold its own in combat. It really doesn't excel at anything, but it also doesn't really stink at anything either. A good, balanced weapon for anything you need.


The SAW, in my opinion, is probably the best machine gun. High RoF allows  it to shred anyone who gets too close. Yes, accuracy is dismal, but that defines its role in combat. It's almost like a minigun...except better. Only use it up close and personal. Any other range and you will be smoked. But if they get too close, they will be the one that ends up smoked. Make sure you bring a decent mid range secondary.


Probably the coolest looking MG, but cool looking doesn't mean good. *See G36R. I like the XMG. It's a good weapon. It's actually a lot like the SAW, just with less ammo. A LOT LESS AMMO. Which annoys the bleep out of me, because if it weren't for that, the XMG could be the best MG in the game. But it's not. It is very good, and when used conservatively, it can excel. Make sure to do two things: pick up ammo packs often, even if you have 67 rounds left, and carry a good mid-long range secondary. 


I want to like this MG, I really do. But I can't. It's just not a good weapon. It doesn't fit into the MG category. High damage, high accuracy, and low RoF. Complete opposite of any other MG. One would think it would be good a longer ranges, but it doesn't have that good of a range. Which stinks. That's why I can't like the HMG50. It doesn't have a niche in combat. It's kind of a useless weapon. Which is sad, because with a longer range, it could wreak havoc...but it can't. Unfortunately.


The replacement for the Minigun, the Vulcan has a...a...a... oh I don't know. It's like an invasive species. It doesn't have a niche. It's intruding on the SAW and XMG. (which, frankly, are better weapons). I don't know. Maybe I'm biased, but I don't like the Vulcan. It's okay...but not great. I think the SAW is more powerful.......yeah. The Vulcan has okay damage, okay accuracy, okay RoF, and not a lot of ammo. Done.


A chart of Machine Guns, grading them on certain characteristics. 1 = terrible. 10 = amazing. Comprendo?

Damage Accuracy RoF Ammo Mode Strength Weakness
MK48 6 5 6 7 Full Close Far
SAW 5 3 9 8 Full Close Far
XMG 5 4 8 4 Full Close Far
HMG50 8 8 4 9 Full Mid Far
Vulcan 5 4 7 5 Full Close Far

What doest thou think? Leave a comment if you like or if you have ideas for improvement.


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