Welcome to the 6th post in the Weapons Review series!! Grenades, grenades everywhere/Rockets flying through the my song? Whatever. Let's get started.


Find me one person who doesn't like explosives? Anyone? Going once, going twice...? That's what I thought. Nothing beats the sight of an enemy blowing apart from an expertly fired rocket. (Maybe mint ice cream, but it's a toss up). .................................................................Anyway, let's get crackin'!


Possibly my favorite starter weapon in the game, the SMAWG is just epic. Seems to be the spiritual successor to the RPG of SFH2, only better. Capable of one hit kills, it doesn't lack in the power department. Only downside to this monster is the unguided rockets. Some call these "dumb" rockets, but if you think about, they really aren't dumb. They go fast. Like really fast. Like faster than the enemy can comprehend. I won't bother talking about ammuntion. The SMAWG is a fire breathing dragon from Lord of the Rings The SMAWG is a very capable weapon throughout the game...not one of those wimpy starters that need to replaced ASAP.


Ah, the Panzer. Who can stand up to the sight of a 40 ton tank roaring at you? Whoops. Wrong Panzer. Homing rockets, homing rockets, high damage, nice accuracy, homing rockets: how can you go wrong by choosing this weapon? It's like the rocket has a mind of its own...and it is very well trained. Just point in the general direction and KAPOW he's gone. Any disadvantages? Well, RoF is low, and I don't recommend firing at the guy standing next to you, but it is a very good killing machine. Ammuntion is one round, but what do you expect from a rocket launcher? 4 shots?


...Speaking of 4 shots... The M202 is a barrage weapon. It also benefits people who can't aim very well...if you miss the first time, you get 3 more chances! that entirely true? The dis/advantage (depending on how you look at it) of the M202 is that it is full auto. So there really is no chance to correct your aim, as the rounds fly out quite fast. On the upside, very few enemies can stand up to four rockets in the face. For an unguided rocket launcher, the M202 is quite accurate, but has few reloads, which can be a hindrance in combat. But, overall I would say the M202 is an excellent weapon...but don't fire at the guy next to you.


The best crowd control weapon in the game. Period. No other weapon can spam 12 bouncing grenades at enemies. Literally the best weapon for getting rid of those pesky CPUs that crowd around the flag. I have nothing but praise for this weapon. ...okay, there are a few things I don't like. Damage is quite low. On the other hand, it is full auto, so who cares? Accuracy could be better, but you do have 12 grenades to work with, so... BEAT THAT!!


Before I start, let me get my bias out of the way: I hate the GL06. It sucks. Damage is mediocre, RoF is low (but who cares, it's an explosive), and it only has 2 shots. Accuracy is good, but make sure to account for gravity. (Side note: Why are grenades the only thing affected by gravity?) Unlike other explosives, the GL06 can be used at close ranges because the grenades stick to enemies. Or the ground. Or the wall. Or you. There is a delay, so if you do fire at the guy next to you, run like the wind. Oh yeah. Make sure to pick up ammo...or have a really good secondary. ...guess I never started, did I?


A chart of Explosives, grading them on certain characteristics. 1 = terrible. 10 = amazing. Get it?

Damage Accuracy RoF Ammo Mode Strength Weakness
SMAWG 8 7 2 2 Semi Mid Close
Panzer 7 9 2 2 Semi Mid Close
M202 3 9 7 4 Full Mid Close
MK32 2 5 5 7 Full Mid Close
GL06 5 8 2 1 Semi Mid Far

Whaddaya think?


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