Welcome to the last of the Primary posts in the Weapons Review series! It has been a pleasure writing these, but we are by no means done. But enough talk. Onward!


Experimentals are weird...they're like Elementals 2.0. But I like them way more then elementals. Why? Read on:

Ion Cannon:

The Ion Cannon isn't that bad for a starter weapon. Actually, I would go as far to say that it is a darn fine weapon. It behaves similarly to a shotgun: multiple tendril/pellet thingies, high damage, low range. Except it has a good RoF and better accuracy than a shotgun...and that fact that it can poison enemies. As starter weapons go, it is one of the best. As experimentals go, quite good. As weapons's okay. The only main downside is range. Which is quite dismal.

Laser Cutter:

Another short range weapon, the Laser Cutter can set things on fire...pretty sweet, huh? Well...hold your horses there, partner. I will say that the Laser Cutter is a good weapon...but there are exceptions. It does boast the highest RoF of the Experimentals class, and it has a boatload of ammo. But, damage and accuracy are the worst in its class. So I have to put the Laser Cutter somewhere in the middle of the pack.

Pulse Rifle:

Did it suddenly get cold in here? Maybe, depending on how close you are to the Pulse Rifle. The one advantage it has over its previously mentioned counterparts is range. Yes, the Pulse Rifle can shoot furthur than the Ion Cannon and the Laser Cutter. What a shock! It can also freeze enemies! YAY! However, the other aspects of the Pulse Rifle are not good. Damage is low, as is RoF, and ammo is about average at 70 shots. But I cannot recommend the Pulse Rifle. Ion Cannon is better. Plus, other two (IC, LC) have Damage over time.


Ummm...shouldn't this be a sniper? Like it was in SFH2? Or should it be an explosive? Whatever it is, the DSR1 is a very good weapon. It fires small, white, bouncy grenade things that do a fair amount of damage. Think of it as being similar to the MK32. Just more futuristic. Decent RoF and good damage, plus long range and good accuracy = a good weapon. Only downside is it is affected by gravity. Dang. But seriously, the DSR1 is in my opinion the best experimental. Many of you say the Rail Gun is. Here's my argument against it.

Rail Gun:

Why do I not really like the Rail Gun? B/c it is totally outclassed by actual sniper weapons. It is an imitation sniper that can't quite make the grade. Proof: low-ish damage (lower than Intervention and L115), moderate RoF (lower than Lynx, MK14, G36R), low accuracy (lower than Mk14, Intervention, L115). It hangs somewhere in the middle of the sniper pack. But I guess since it is "futuristic" we must compare it to the rest of the experimentals. In which case, it is a good weapon. I like the DSR1 better, but I can see why some like the Rail Gun.


A chart of Experimentals, grading them on certain characteristics. 1 = terrible. 10 = amazing.

Damage Accuracy RoF Ammo Mode Strength Weakness
Ion Cannon 9 6 6 8 Full Close Far
Laser Cutter 3 4 7 8 Full Close Far
Pulse Rifle 4 9 4 6 Full Close Far
DSR1 6 8 7 3 Full Mid Close
Rail Gun 8 8 2 2 Semi Far Close

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