Hyrdrogen, Helium, Oxygen, Carbon, Phosphorous, Plutonium...sorry about that. Wrong elements. Anyway, I'm sure you're all wondering what I'm doing writing a blog on Thanksgiving. You see, I am thankful for the internet. All the world's information at my fingertips...and a place for us gaming nerds to do our thing. But...what am I not thankful for? The answer is...Elementals.


Elementals are insane. Literally a constant stream of stuff flying out of a weapon...and all they do are provide status effects. Poison, Fire, and three others I don't care about. Let's get this thing done.


I really like it. Sleek, smooth and fast. Wait, what? Oh. The weapon, not the car. Dang. A reference to the famous inventor, the Tesla shoots electricity. Sounds cool, right? Should be. Electrocution should be the status effect: Chance of instant KO. But no. All electricity does is increase damage taken by 10%. Yes, the Tesla has super high RoF, and decent accuracy and a boatload of ammo, but the low damage and the wimpy status effect turn me off (no pun intended).

Flame Thrower:

Ah fire. Where would we be without you? First off, if you don't know the status effect of the Flame Thrower, stop reading now. Fire is actually pretty epic. Deals a fair amount of damage over time, but only for a few seconds. But often, this can be enough to kill the enemy. Downside to this? Low damage. If there is a teammate standing next to an enemy, they can be set on fire too. All in all, one of my favorite elementals. Just don't fire below you. Bad idea.

Acid Hound:

Aka Poison Thrower. I would have to say the Acid Hound is my other favorite elemental. Poison deals a small amount of DoT, but it lasts for a long time. Like all the other elementals, it has low damage, but it can poison enemies. Be mindful of where your squadmates are, though. You can accidentely poison them if they're close to the target. And also, please don't fire beneath you. Really bad idea.

Freeze Ray:

Is it getting cold in here? Maybe it's because of the Buffalo winter coming soon...or maybe because of the Freeze Ray. The Freeze Ray freezes enemies. Which is cool. Because they are immoble and you can shoot at them unimpeded. Probably my third favorite Elemental for that reason. The only thing I don't like about it (besides all the other things that I hate about elementals) is that is yellow. Which is confusing, not because yellow is my favorite color, but because it looks like it should be a custom weapon. But it's not.


Umm...status effect? Is it even an elemental? Very confusing. If it has no status effect, then why is it an elemental? Very confusing. And silly. Or stupid, whichever you prefer. On the plus side, it does have the highest damage in the class. And good accuracy. But other than that, it has no standout characteristics whatsoever. That's all I can say.


A chart of Elementals, grading them on certain characterstics. 1 = terrible. 10 = amazing. Right?

Damage Accuracy RoF Ammo Mode Strength Weakness
Tesla 4 8 10 9 Full Close Far
Flame Thrower 3 7 10 9 Full Close Far
Acid Hound 4 7 10 9 Full Close Far
Freeze Ray 5 8 10 9 Full Close Far
Microwave 8 9 10 9 Full Close Far

And there you have it. Leave a comment for advice.


Another one bites the dust. Only one more decide! Custom weapons or Secondaries: Which one next? Leave a comment in the poll on my message wall.

Custom Weapons are...soon.