Duals are, obviously, two weapons available to two classes (Gunslinger and Ninja). They vary in appearance and use.


The first Dual available in the game, the BM9s are just dual pistols. They are an introduction to the world of Dual weapons. See them for what they are: starters. They are good balanced weapons, useful for almost any type of combat. However, I did not say effective in any type of combat. Since they are the first Dual weapon, they have average stats. They serve as an all around weapon, but as the game progresses, they lose their effectiveness and should be replaced with...


The Judges are dual revolvers, taking us back to the days of...cowboys? (More accurately, 2010). An excellent replacement for the BM9, the Judges have a similar all around playstyle. Except when compared to the BM9, the Judges much much higher DPS (almost 2x). On the downside, the Judges have half the ammunition, but better accuracy. Overall, the Judges are much more effective in combat than the BM9s, and if one likes the jack of all trades playstyle, the Judges are an excellent option. However, their strong suit is mid-to-long range combat. They are still effective at short range, but reach their full potential when used for enemies not next to you.


The Sawed-Offs are not pistols, but rater mini-SHOTGUNS! Who doesn't love mini-SHOTGUNS! If you are a fan of shotguns and gunslingers, this is the Dual for YOU! Not really the best Dual for Ninja class...'cause ninjas can use real shotguns, but an excellent choice for close range combat as a gunslinger. Use them for close range only. If you use them for long range combat, expect to die a lot. If you are using these close range terrors, bring a good mid-to-long range secondary for backup.


Ah, the Uzi. Who doesn't love 'em? Highest fire rate of all Duals, but lowest damage. Certainly provides a nice balance, right? A little higher DPS than the BM9s, which helps the Uzis in combat. They also have low accuracy, which doesn't help it at longer ranges. However, if you use them for everything, high magazine size will help you kill anyone, given enough time. I would recommend using them for close range, but that's just me. Now the custom version is another story, but that's for another day.


Probably the oddest Dual in the game, the FMG9 is a biproduct of the Uzis and the BM9s. Full auto yes, but slower than the Uzis. Higher accuracy, slightly higher damage and 4 rounds less than the Uzis, the FMG9s are capable at all types of combat. They can be used as a full auto replacement of the BM9s, as they can fit the all around playstyle that the BM9s have. However, the FMG9s struggle to find a niche in the Dual class. (Uzi+BM9)/2=FMG9. Simple as that.


A chart of Duals, grading them on certain characteristics. 1 = terrible. 10 = amazing. Comprendo?

Damage Accuracy RoF Ammo Mode Strength Weakness
BM9 4 7 7 5 Semi Mid Close
Judges 7 9 4 4 Semi All None
Sawed-Off 10 3 3 2 Semi Close Far
Uzi 4 5 8 10 Full Close Far
FMG9 5 6 6 9 Full All None

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