Showing Heroes and Preferences

I wonder what you guys' setup and stuff. Here's my preferences.

Member 1/Captain: Wesley/Nathan (Engineer). Once I got Nathan to level 30, I use him as the player character instead.

Primary: Crazy Badger/Iron Curtain/Bennet's Doom

Secondary: Righteous Bizon/Hattori Hanzo

Nanomachines/healthy and drum mag/heavy load/foregrip

This setup is very effective for both Wesley and Nathan. With healthy/nanobots skill upgrade combined with healthy/nanomachines, you can have 3x faster health regenation plus healing every time. This is kinda overpowered. I can tank hits like a juggernaut while spitting a hailstorm of bullets or rockets.

CB/IC if you prefer assault rifles. Bennet's Doom if you prefer explosions. Righteous Bizon is the best SMG, and Hattori Hanzo is always a one hit kill.

AI engineers are very deadly with this setup. They can solo everyone and still has good K/D ratio.

Member 2: Wesley/Nathan (Engineer).

Loadout, skills, and attachments are same as captain. I have him to have Hattori Hanzo instead of Bizon. It's much better since AIs tend to use secondary firearms only when their primary is out. Thus, they'll rarely use their SMGs. So go katanas instead since they'll use them once they're in close proximity and WOOSH! INSTANT KILL! Then back to kicking ass with rifle/rocket launcher.

Member 3: PenisKiller (Medic)

Yeah, I edited her name. She's not Mayday, but recruited hero. But still, Mayday is good due to her good skill set.

Be sure that this particular medic has at least healthy/nanobots as one of her skill upgrades. Then, combine with healthy/nanomachines and bam, ultimate healing factor.

Same loadout as my engineer with the exception to equip her with a Bizon and CB/IC. She's about as good as Wesley/Nathan with assault rifle, but somewhat less aggressive. Her killstreak can provide body armors for the whole team.

Member 4: BULLDOZER (Engineer)

He's a recruited engineer with nanobots as one of his skill upgrades. Same loadout as Nathan/Wesley and about as badass.

Member 5: Jyn (Sniper)

Oh... too bad Sniper can't have both healthy and nanomachines. Only one of them. However, AI sniper is really accurate, aggressive, and shoots often. Better than Elite due to aggressiveness and accuracy. But Elites have higher HP. With a good weapon, they can be a pain in the ass. You better use snipers as AI teammates rather than as player character. You better play as an Elite instead of sniper due to higher HP and tanking capability. But Snipers have powerful wall hack killstreaks.

Primary: Rehab/AWP/Fortune 500

Secondary: Hattori Hanzo/Jericho

Nanomachines and heavy load.

Alternative Member 3/5: NinjaGirl69 (Ninja)

Has chameleon as her trait. She also has healthy as one of her skill upgrades. Yup... I'm talking about stealthy assassins with rapid health regeneration.

She has a brown ponytail hair and slightly tan skin. She also wears Quiet's attire. She looks quite similar to Quiet with the exception that she uses shotgun instead of sniper rifle.

Primary: Defriender/Avengers

Secondary: Hattori Hanzo

Nanomachines and advanced rifling for more range with the shotgun. The Defriender is really good and accurate for a shotty. It has the longest range of any shotgun. 1-2 shot enemies and good for short-medium range engagements.

AI ninjas move around the map the most and shoot often. My ninja kills everyone without mercy.

Everyone in my team has rapid regeneration (except Jyn, who is a glass cannon). They are so effective that I can win most games without even moving my character.

Yup, these are nasty combos which are both -- highly durable while being aggressive and deadly at the same time, like a main battle tank (MBT).

Just remember: 3x faster HP regeneration + always regenerate every time makes someone extremely deadly and durable.

You better equip AIs with powerful melee weapons as secondaries as they only use secondary firearms once they run out of bullets. AIs will automatically use melee weapons at melee range.

Juggernaut's AI is worse compared to most other class. Rapid regen AI engineers are better than rapid regen AI juggernauts due to their better and more aggreseive AI. Rapid regen Engineers with rockets are basically M1 Abrams.

This is my ultimate team.