• Foxhound13

    Showing Heroes and Preferences

    I wonder what you guys' setup and stuff. Here's my preferences.

    Member 1/Captain: Wesley/Nathan (Engineer). Once I got Nathan to level 30, I use him as the player character instead.

    Primary: Crazy Badger/Iron Curtain/Bennet's Doom

    Secondary: Righteous Bizon/Hattori Hanzo

    Nanomachines/healthy and drum mag/heavy load/foregrip

    This setup is very effective for both Wesley and Nathan. With healthy/nanobots skill upgrade combined with healthy/nanomachines, you can have 3x faster health regenation plus healing every time. This is kinda overpowered. I can tank hits like a juggernaut while spitting a hailstorm of bullets or rockets.

    CB/IC if you prefer assault rifles. Bennet's Doom if you prefer explosions. Righteous Bizon i…

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