So if you want to play legit but you finished the story but there is still loads of stuff locked and you don't feel like spending a month to get everything that's in the game, I give you my save file which has literally everything in it for free.

  • More than 500k money
  • 15 level 30 heroes, all uniques unlocked
  • 296 custom weapons
  • All missions unlocked and won on insane
  • All medals

So if you think the game is boring and slow and you can win anything, take the easy way and copy this file that has everything completed, everything unlocked into your SFH3 cache and experience the game how you are supposed to. Enjoy.

Get the file here.

How to use

If you don't know how to use the file, follow these steps (it's actuall easy). Your browser saves SFH3 in special cache folders offline. It's easy to find em, just type %appdata% in your computer search, go to Roaming - Macromedia - Flash Player - #Shared Objects and then folder of the site you play on, let's say or Then you'll see a file SFH3.(insertrandomlettersandnumbers).sol and analytics.sol. Don't touch the analytics file, just delete the SFH3cgfcfdz.sol and paste in the file you downloaded from the link above. That's it. If you have Armor Games account you'll have to log out to play with this file. But most importrantly, your save in the account wont be touched. So you can progress your game if you want in the account then log out and rule in the godmode.

Enjoy and happy holidays