Age Unknown
Nationality Unknown
Class Juggernaut
Killstreak Flame Armor

Tower is a unique hero of the Juggernaut class and originally a character from Strike Force Heroes 2.

Traits and Upgrades

Tower has the Flame Armor killstreak, giving himself a full set of armor and setting nearby enemies on fire for 7 seconds (Flame Armor occasionally inflicts nearby enemies with Poison), along with the Deflective Armor trait which gives him an 8% chance to reflect an enemy bullet back at him/her. All of his upgrades are defensive. His flaw is Fatigued (Gets tired 20% quicker after battle.)

Upgrade Column 1: Burn Resistant / Resistant

Upgrade Column 2: Bomb Squad / Iron Will

Upgrade Column 3: Hard Headed / Adrenaline


Tower's face is never shown. His nationality, age and identity are unknown. He was nicknamed Tower for his large size (7'2 - 2m18) by Jyn just because his real name was unknown even to the Strike Force Heroes. Tower never says anything except undefined sentences.


  • As seen in the first cutscene, reprogrammed Tower has different armor than he had in the ending of SFH 2 when he was captured. But that same armor he had in trailers and sneak peeks before the release of SFH 2.


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