The Scientist is a non-playable character and the main villain in the game.


Before SFH 3

The Scientist was one of the important characters in Strike Force Heroes series. He worked as a scientist in a research facility on a hidden island in Pacific Ocean. He developed a nerve toxin which was supposed to paralyze soldiers mentally, making them lose will to fight. The experiment went wrong and the toxin turned into a virus with effect of filling humans with uncontrollable rage and making them not feel pain.

The facility was then attacked by GlobeX, a secret military organization, who spread the virus infection. The Scientist was the only survivor of the attack. The Commander of The Strike Force Heroes Alpha Squad saved him. The Scientist told him the only way to stop the infection is to make a cure from extracted enzyme of special plants. The SFH squad collected the plants and gave them to the Scientist, who developed a cure. GlobeX later tried to destroy the island with nuclear missile. The Scientist's cure replaced the nuclear warhead. The infection ended, however, the Scientist contacted GlobeX Leader, whose identity is still unknown, and informed him he saved little of toxin and the cure. It was revealed the Scientist was actually one of the Leader's henchmen.

He then hid in an Asian market. He was found by Dex and Nathan from another SFH squad, who were confused because GlobeX assaulted them again (When the Scientist got 'attacked' by GlobeX in the Asian market, it was probably a faked attack on the Scientist to intentionally confuse the Heroes. After all, the Scientist works for GlobeX, and no way would GlobeX try to betray the Scientist when he still worked for them). He told them GlobeX soldiers are clones and told them to visit Iagi, a DNA specialist. Iagi was cloned then murdered by Dex, who betrayed SFH. The Scientist then went to the cloning facility and with help of the Heroes, found a signal from a satellite that powers the GlobeX clones. He also found out how to stop the signal and uploaded custom virus to the Heroes' suits, who then applied it to the space station. The signal was stopped, but GlobeX leader's clone attacked the factory with his Mech. The GlobeX leader was killed (or was he???), and Strike Force Heroes thought the world was safe. However, The Scientist re-activated the signal by a device, making all clones operational again. That showed Scientist's true intentions, taking over GlobeX corporation.

In SFH 3

The Scientist took over the GlobeX corporation and reprogrammed captured heroes who became leaders of armies of clones all over the world. He said he will succeed where his predecessor failed - destroy the SFH. Wesley made a new team and the SFH soon started to grow. When they ultimately defeated Mike and Justin, GlobeX's best soldiers, Scientist was shocked thinking they were unstoppable and bred from perfect genes. He got mad, thinking his men betrayed him after so much he sacrificed to come to former GlobeX Leader's place and rule the world. He pulled out chain guns and annihilated all his deputies in the headquarters. He still didn't gave up with the plan of defeating the SFH.


  • He is the first ever playable character in SFH series.
  • He looks older in SFH 3 then in the first two games.