Strike Force Heroes 3 Wikia

Temple is a map which first appears in campaign on Mission 4 gun game.


Temple is a medium size map. It is set during nighttime. Platforms are similar to ones in Forest map,


and just like that map it is set in an jungle enviroment. In the lowest part of the map, there is a big water area. In the middle of the map there is a wooden wall between two platforms. The player needs to crouch to go through.


Don't shoot explosive weapons such as rocket launchers when you are crouching under the wall, it can explode near you and kill your hero.

On this map,similarly to Caves and Junkyard the AI likes to gather in the middle, especially in Gun Games. Plan your strategy accordingly.


  • Temple is actually a re-skin of Village map from the first Strike Force Heroes game. It is one of few re-skins of previous maps from the series, along with Street, Construction, Factory, Caves and Junkyard.