Tank Buster
Slot Primary
Type Explosive
Class Mercenary


Special Effect "Stronger Homing Capability"
The Tank Buster is an Explosive rocket launcher and the custom version of the Panzer.


The Tank Buster is an improved version of the Panzer. It has better accuracy, due to its stronger homing capability. It also has higher damage than the Panzer.


Like any Rocket Launcher, it is best used with a good close range secondary to avoid suicide. SMGs are most recommended. VectorP90 and MTAR are best in close range combat.

It has so high homing capability that you can even kill someone standing beneath your platform with it. You can additionaly make the explosion radius bigger with Shrapnel attachment.

It is one of the weapons recommended for passing final mission Devs De La Muerte.


  • Panzer means 'armor' in German, Tank Buster obviously destroys armor.
  • With its increased homing capability, it could be the spiritual successor to the SFH and SFH2 Javelin.