Strike Force Heroes 3 Wikia

Strike Force Heroes 3 is an awesome side scrolling shooter action game developed by Sky9 Games and published on Armor Games and Not Doppler.

It is the third major game in Strike Force Heroes series. It was released on June 24th 2015.


A Tired hero.


Just like the previous games in Strike Force Heroes series, Strike Force Heroes 3 is a 2D platform game played on maps. There is campaign with 60 missions and side quests, and after each mission the player will get a reward which is either a new weapon, blueprint for making weapons, funds or a new soldier class. Before going into a battle, the player chooses squad of 4 soldiers and a captain. Captain has +15% stats. Recruiting system is new in the SFH series. The player will start with one soldier, but unlock classes progressing throughout the campaign. Each day a new hero can be recruited (names and classes are generated randomly). As player levels up, cost of new heroes will grow.

The player can change heroes before going into battle. Heroes that fight too many battles in a row may become tired. There are three conditions of soldiers when they aren't in normal condition:

  • TIRED - Heroes that fight many battles in a row become tired and have -20% stats.
  • INJURED - When tired heroes fight too many battles, they get injured and have -50% stats.
  • CRITICAL - When injured heroes fight many battles, they finally become critical. It reduces 99% stats of the hero. Each battle you complete will progress the game by 1 day and slightly heal all heroes that weren't in battle.

After each day, heroes get experience and level up. Maximum level is level 30. There are 7 battle modes.

Team Deathmatch - Two teams fight for victory and the team which gets the maximum kills first wins.

Deathmatch - There are no teams and this battle can be played with only one soldier. The captain of the team fights against other enemies and no one is allied. The person who reaches a certain amount of kills first wins.

Capture the Flag - Each team has its flags (bags) which they need to defend. Points are scored when a team member delivers the flag to the position of the other. When a soldier carries a flag he/she can't use the primary weapon.

Domination - There are three points in the map. When one of the players' soldiers captures the point it starts lighting blue and player's team starts getting points. If all points are captured the enemy will stop getting points.

One Man Army - Similar to "Juggernaut" games in previous games in the series. One Man Army is played with one soldier who must kill the One Man Army ( a soldier who is bigger and glows red) to become the One Man Army, and then continue killing everybody else on the map to get points.

Gun Game - Played with one soldier. The player starts with a weak weapon and gets better weapon by scoring kills.

Team Gun Game - Just like the gun game, except it is played in teams up to 5 soldiers. When a soldier kills an enemy, everybody else from their team will get a new weapon.

After each battle you will get some funds. With funds, you can buy weapons, upgrade them, recruit heroes, or spin slot machine in the shop to get rewards. There are 60 blueprints in game. When you get a blueprint, you can go to the workshop and build weapon on it. That weapon will start appearing in shop or slot machines. You can also upgrade weapons, but there are chances it will fail (the chances of failure increase as current level of the upgrade increases). Max level of your soldiers is 30, but weapons can go to level 31. To use level 31 weapons, upgrade the weapon in workshop and instead it will be downgraded to the lower level. There are 6 weapon conditions: Broken, Normal, Refined, Flawless, Custom and Prototype. Prototype are level 0 and 1 weapons. Custom weapons are unique, golden weapons.

Slot Machine is a feature in the shop that made its debut in SFH2.Spin it and you may get rewards.


Strike Force Heroes, now working for GlobeX

The story continues 1 year after events of Strike Force Heroes 2.

After GlobeX was defeated and their clones troopers' signal shut down, The Scientist, who was originally ally of the military took over the GlobeX company and reprogrammed veterans from Strike Force Heroes army: JynDexNathan and Tower who were captured during the final battle in SFH 2, so they work for them. He somehow turned the signal which powered clones back again and created the army of clones that took over the world, promising to his men that the world will burn and only Strike Force Heroes will be to blame. Back in the SFH base in South America, Wesley, the only hero who was not captured by GlobeX, gets a warning of another clone attack, led by his former squadmates. He then becomes the commander of the unit, replacing General West who died in previous operations. He must recruit new soldiers to fight back and save the world from clone apocalypse. He then recruits Sanchez, the Gunslinger, and continues recruiting until SFH army grows enough to defeat the clones.

Throught the campaign the SFH fight against many soldiers in different locations and also against the Delta team of Strike Force Heroes and Next Generation heroes. Their final mission takes them to the city where they fight against GlobeX's greatest clones Mike and Justin who use the best powers on them. But the SFH kills them. When Scientist finds out Mike and Justin are dead, he starts to blame his co workers for the loss. He takes machine guns and kills all of them in his office, making a massacre in GlobeX headquarters. However he continues smiling and says he will still "suceed where his predecesor failed" (making alliance with Strike Force Heroes).

Although the clone army that spread all over the world was defeated, GlobeX was still active and the SFH had no idea who was the leader and where did the signal come from. In South American Base of Operations, Wesley receives a message from the former GlobeX leader, who reveals himself alive after being killed by Wesley on his mech in his attempt to destroy the world one year before. He offers help fighting against GlobeX saying "Globex eh...I may be able to help with that".


Strike Force Heroes 3 was announced on Sky9 Games's website on February 27th, 2015. There were also previews of soldiers getting tired and new classes in the annoucement post. The game was set to be released in Spring 2015, for few weeks. However, the next update was released two months later on April 27th. 

The game was released nearly two more months later in summer due to unknown reasons. It was released on June 24th on Armor Games and Not Doppler websites without annoucement on offical Sky9 website. They annouced it 3 days later.


v16.1b - Missions after mission 39 were added.

v17 - Fixed weapon mods that weren't working correctly, bots can reach flags on Forest map, killstreak weapons work if activated while reloading, fixed Aim Assist trait not working, mission 1 available for play during mission 2 tutorial, unlocking a class makes the next hero recruited that class, bots rarely have refined, flawless and custom weapons, options available during tutorial screen, upgrades display success or failure, tip for downgrading level 31 weapons added to the menu, inventory screen has tooltips showing which class can use which weapon.

v17.1 - Online save for Armor Games users and offline backup added in case online fails to reduce save game loss.

v18 - Cutscenes added.

v19 - Enemies on the final mission no longer keep their special abilities on multiple mission tries, Final mission enemy messages are easier to read.

v20.8 (this is the largest update) - Critical soldiers with life support or adrenaline equipped no longer become invicible, CTF daily missions no longer instantly end in victory, drum magazine combined with rocket launchers no longer gives unlimited ammo, Scavenger perk works, buying a weapon mod in store removes it properly, achievements work properly, aimbot killstreaks allows you to properly score headshots, new sound added when equipping a mod, can no longer upgrade weapons that have been sold or removed by fired heroes, slot machine doesn't show sucess when it fails, final cutscene no longer shows up after custom games, graphical errors on Factory map fixed, spelling errors fixed, built blueprints no longer appear as NOT FOUND, new fire sound for Betsy killstreak added, new reloading sound added when a rocket enters the tube, quests added for users, Rusty the Knight free character added.

Reception and awards[]

Strike Force Heroes 3 won Game of the Year 2015 on Armor Games in shooting category, just like other games in the series. It has rating 88 on Armor Games and over 2.5 million plays. In the second week after its launch, it was on the first spot as the most played game on Not Doppler.


  • This is the third main game in the series, but actually the 4th ever made (SFH: Extraction) was the 3rd.
  • The game is the biggest ever done by Sky9 Games.
  • It also took them a lot to finish it because of bug testing. There were still many bugs left when the game was released and some aren't fixed yet (but these are mostly small ones): See on page Bugs.
  • The campaign is longest of all SFH and raze series. It is 3 times bigger than ones in SFH and SFH 2. But because of that there isn't story during battles (except the last mission) and there are less cutscenes.
  • The game is known to be very laggy for some people because of its big size.
  • This is the first main game in the series to have female characters.
  • This is the first main game and the second in the series to have heroes with flaws. But they have weaker effect than ones from SFH:Extraction.