The Strike Force Heroes (SFH) is a military organization made up of groups of highly trained soldiers. They also serve as an international Special Forces unit, and are deployed to safeguard areas from and eliminate terrorist groups.

Although they have many bases around the world, their central base is located in the South American desert. Their soldiers come from all over the world, with various backgrounds and origins. Alongside their army, the organization possesses a vast air force, futuristic weaponry and a space shuttle. The soldiers fight and train in squads and head to missions via dropships. Their main enemy is the criminal military organization GlobeX, who they have been fighting against in an ongoing war.  

The leader of the SFH was originally General West. His second-in-command, Nathan, took over briefly after West was murdered, until he was captured alongside Jyn and Tower by GlobeX's factory guards, then forcibly brainwashed into serving GlobeX. Subsequently, Wesley was appointed Commander and quickly proved his worth by assembling a new team and handing defeat after defeat to GlobeX in some of the bloodiest battles of the war. He remains in charge of the SFH and is still operating from South America.  


Alpha Squad

Alpha Squad is notable for discovering the existence of GlobeX and fighting the first battle of the war on an island in the Pacific.

Their leader was a Commando. He wielded a machine gun or occasionally, an explosive weapon, and had a parachute equipped at all times. His finest hour came when he battled the GlobeX Leader aboard a nuclear warhead and defeated him. 

Toad: Toad was the Medic for the squad, as well as their analyst. A jack-of-all-stats, he proved to be a solid, dependable soldier, using either a revolver or an assault rifle to unleash hell on the battlefield. His most important traits were his medical knowledge and the ability to analyze both stolen GlobeX intel and his surroundings. 

Shadow: Shadow served as the team's Assassin and CQB specialist. He was also a trained pilot and transported the team in their dropship or an Attack Chopper. He was also notable for his scouting abilities, his knowledge of bomb disposal and constantly remaining calm. Shadow is also the only British member of the team, with a distinctive accent.

Riggs: The other Commando on the team, Riggs fought just as well as his commander. He could either deal out heavy suppressive fire with a variety of machine guns, or wreck havoc with rockets and grenades. Riggs was notable for having a near-infinite supply of ammo for his machine guns, carrying them all in one large clip. At the front, he could deploy Tear Gas to disorient enemies and lower their chances of hitting his friends.

Bull: The Tank for the squad, Bull could get shot hundreds of times and come out with nothing more than one flesh wound. Despite being occasionally cowardly or nervous, Bull still remained loyal to his Commander and his buddies. A close-range fighter, Bull blew opponents away with shotguns or protected himself with a shield as he mowed down soldiers with one of the many sidearms available to the SFH.

Delta Squad

This squad is notable for leading the second stage of the war against GlobeX.

NathanAn ex-Canadian soldier, Nathan served in the US Army for 12 years until his love for glory got him discharged. In the SFH, he could use his technical skills and cutting-edge technology to create Sentry Guns, Combat Drones or Tesla Coils to support the team. Out of all the squad, he was the most talkative member. Nathan's favoured primary weapons were assault rifles. After West's death, Nathan took over as team leader until he was captured by GlobeX and forcibly reprogrammed into working for them. He also made a nuclear reactor out of a toaster and a twinkie and was the creator of Custom Weapons.

Jyn: The team's sniper and the youngest member, Jyn had exceptional hand-eye coordination from his years of gaming, despite suffering from ADHD. At a young age, he impressed the Korean army with his sniping skills. The SFH picked him up on the promise of action and adventure. He can exploit his enemies' weaknesses to deal damage to them when they're most vulnerable and his killstreaks are inspired by popular gaming hacks. He goes by the name "Sniper-x-Killa" in gaming communities. He was captured by GlobeX and brainwashed to fight Wesley's team.

DexAn American mercenary, Dex joined the SFH solely for the money, and was hired for his aggressiveness and battlefield experience. He favours a "lone wolf" fighting style and uses machine guns or explosives in battle. He can use his anger or confidence to power himself up in various ways. Dex is most famous for being a double agent for GlobeX and for murdering West. He was crushed by the GlobeX Leader's mech while confronting Wesley, but somehow survived and was turned into a clone among the others. 

Tower: His gender, nationality, age and identity are unknown to this day. His name is a reference to his height and size and was given to him by Jyn. He has the most advanced armor on Earth and is able to take massive amounts of damage without getting seriously hurt. He uses either shotguns or elemental weapons to destroy his opponents and can charge his armor with one of the four elements, hurting anyone who gets close. He was captured by GlobeX and turned into a clone as well. 

West: The ex-General of the SFH. West was part of the British Army for years, but was discharged due to treason. West is very shady about his past, and what exactly got him discharged is still unknown. An expert marksman, West dual-wielded revolvers in battle and excelled at close-quarters fighting. His leadership background let him raise his team's morale in various ways, boosting their health, aim or damage. He led the SFH until he was murdered by Dex. 

Extraction Team

These were some of the greatest spies in the world, tasked to break into GlobeX HQs and extract data as part of the war against GlobeX. Most of them were featured exclusively in Strike Force Heroes: Extraction.

Dutchess: A 36-year-old American superspy. His name and appearance reference Archer Sterling, the main character of TV series Archer. 

Ninja: A 30-year-old Japanese woman and the fastest runner in the world. Not to be confused with Evelynn.

Pierre: A 31-year-old mime from France. 

Gulag: A former Spetznaz operative and tougher than a Russian coffin nail, he enjoyed shaving with a combat knife and demolishing legions of guards. 

Calamity: 31-year old sniper hailing from South Africa, later under Wesley's command.

Mayday: The oldest member on the team at age 47, Mayday was born in Sudan. A kind-hearted woman for the most part, Mayday was married to a SFH pilot Jenkins, until one day, he died in a conflict with GlobeX. She then joined the SFH to revenge him. Now she is a field medic of the next gen heroes under Wesley's command.

Cate:  An ex-cat burglar turned superspy, she favors revolvers in combat. She is a reference to Cate from the video game No One Lives Forever.

Singe: A pyromaniac from India.

Prey: An infamous bounty hunter from Sudan, his costume is inspired by the Predator, and he has a similar thermal vision.

Fatale: A 708-year-old Egyptian vampire of unknown origins.

Gekko: A 29-year-old Chinese inventor, Gekko created the world's first adaptive camo suit. 

Convict: An Australian master of disguise and wanted criminal, Convict joined the SFH in the hopes of evading the law. Although the organization was cautious about having such a high-risk agent in their ranks, Convict put his skills to good use. He references a character of the same name, from Newgrounds comics.

Anvil: He is said to come from the future, so he is known as the Future SoldierHe is a reference to another game series made by Sky9, Raze, which features soldiers of the Raze unit fighting against an alien invasion.

Juice: Otherwise known as Justin.

Maicoo: A 38-year-old Vietnamese chef, Maicoo owned the best restaurant in the world until the day he lost his eye. Something changed in him, and he started doing everything backwards. He was hired by the SFH because he was able to "eat projectiles" and was skilled with a shotgun.


Jenkins - A military pilot, Mayday's deceased husband. He was killed by the commander of the Alpha Squad, after being infected by a deadly war toxin.