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Street is a medium size map and setting of all side missions as well as the final mission Devs De La Muerte. First time it appears in campaign is at mission 11.

Although it rarely appears in the campaign (only twice) it is one of the most used maps in the game because it is setting of all side missions.


As its name suggests, Street is located in a city with huge skyscrapers that can be seen in the background. But buildings that appear in Street have older arhitecture. The street has many lights. It is raining during gameplay.

It is divided in two parts. Down on the road there are two devastated buses that player can go through and find cover in the low part of the map. There are also two platorms on each side which are extremely good for sniping or hitting enemies with rocket launchers as enemies usually don't climb up looking for the player.

The map is completely free of enviromental hazards and effects. Some lights on the road can confuse you, as you can see on the picture, the road line is covered in fog. This can make missions with invisible enemies even harder (Ninja Nights).

There are no armor or health pick-ups. That often makes the combat harder. Only small ammo packs are present, and there are only two of them.


Wall Hack is very useful on this map. There is a wall that splits the map, but with Wall Hack enemies on the other side can be killled quickly. It is always good to camp in the corners with a long range weapon. Farsight's 100% increased vision makes you see more than half of the map. That is useful on the final mission. Ammo pick-ups are located on good points. If you are camping on the higher left platform, you always have the ammo pack near you, which makes camping much easier. At the right side it is little harder to reach the ammo pack, which is located on the bus rooftop.

Pick-up item locations[]

Ammunition: 1 small ammo pack in the center of the very left platform, second small ammo pack on the top of the right bus.


  • A song called "Super Song Mega" always plays during side missions and cannot be changed. This song is unique for this map.
  • The city in the background is identical to the city in Strike Force Heroes:Extraction.
  • This map is a copy of the Facility map from the original game.