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Sniper is a class in Strike Force Heroes 3. Snipers are experts for long range. They use Sniper rifles and Experimental Weapons

They can't use Submachine Guns (SMGs) for secondary.



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Snipers can be offensive and support class as they attack from long range with Sniper rifles which all have very high accuracy. Aim for the head for quick kills!

Sniper's big weakness is low health. In previous games he had light armor so he wasn't very effective on close combat. This time, ability to use Experimentals (weapons very powerful on short range) helps him with that. Still, these weapons are poor choice unless it's a DSR1 and the Rail Gun. Rail Gun has high accuracy and range, and acts as a Sniper rifle. Therefore it's the best choice for Snipers, even better than most of actual sniper rifles.

Snipers can be very useful as defensive soldiers in Capture the Flag mode, if the map is perfect. Stay somewhere safe and snipe enemies to protect you teammate who carries a flag. But never go alone to capture the flag, you will probably get killed on the way back because of your low health, and you can't use SMGs which help the most as a sidearm for running away from enemies. You should also be wary of nearby Ninjas with Chameleon trait as can surprise you up close and take you out quickly.


Sniper can use 2 killstreaks:

Aim Bot - Each shot counts as headshot for 6 seconds.

Wall Hack - Shoot through solid objects with any of your weapons for 8 seconds. Also used by Jyn, the unique hero.


Brain Magnet - 10% chance every shot will count as headshot and deal more damage.

Aim Assist - +50% Accuracy with all weapons.

Max Statistics[]

Health 140
Critical 30
AI Aim 9
AI Mobility 4
AI Agression 5


Unlock Sniper class by winning Watch Your Back side mission on normal difficulty for the first time. There you fight against team of Snipers, but you are invisible. All of them have Rehab rifles.

Unique hero[]

Jyn is the unique Sniper. He is originally one of 5 characters from Strike Force Heroes 2 and an avid gamer. His gamertag is SnipaXKilla.


  • Sniper class first appeared in SFH 2 as remake of Assassin class from the original SFH.