Sky9 Iron
Slot Secondary
Type Blade
Class Engineer






Special Effect "Going, going, gone!"

Sky9 Iron is a custom "Blade".


The Sky9 Iron is the custom version of the Club. It is the most modified custom weapon out of all customs. When you look at it, you may not recognize it's origin. Instead of a short club, It is now a bent, metal golf club.

It has also the longest range of all melee weapon. It's size is even better than Katana. With Sky9 Iron you don't need to come close to beat up the enemy.

It's special effect is the force of the hit, which makes the corpses of dead soldiers fly away. It even has stronger force than some Shotguns.

Sky9 Iron is the second most powerful blade. It deals lot of damage and slices enemies like a knife.


  • It's name refers to 9 Iron, which is a measure for size of the golf club. 9 Iron is the shortest one. Sky9 fits perfectly there, because it is the name of company that developed Strike Force Heroes.
  • Also, in Strike Force Heroes 1 there was a melee weapon called the Nine Iron, which was a non-golden version of this weapon.