Slot Primary
Type Machine Guns
Class Medic


Blueprint No. 37
Custom Version Chain SAW

SAW is a Machine Gun used by Medic or Mercenary class.


SAW is a powerful MG, with the fastest rate of fire in it's type. It also has big amount of ammo, like other Machine Guns. Damage is average, but with extremely high RoF you can kill everybody quickly. It's weakness is accuracy. It is very inaccurate and effective only on close range. However, that's actually where it excels. Whoever gets close to you can be quickly shredded with this gun. Beware enemies with SAW too.


Close range use only. Don't try to make the range better with any attachments, because bad accuracy doesn't let you kill anybody further than the normal range. In close combat SAW is one of the most deadly Machine guns. It is an excellent replacement of MK48 default. 

If your Medic uses SAW, Pistols are heavily recommended due to their relatively long range and accuracy. SMGs with Mercenary work better than blades for sure. Best SMGs are MTAR and UMP 45.


  • This is NOT the same weapon as M24A9 Saw [1] from SFH 1 and 2. It is actually based on KAC Chainsaw. The custom version is named Chain SAW.