Raven SFH 3
Raven is a custom machine gun. It is the custom version of Vulcan chain gun.


Like the Vulcan, Raven has high fire rate, but low damage per second. However, Raven has chance to freeze enemies and finish them off more quickly, and the ROF is also increased. It is not a big improvement though, and you can play the same way with both guns.


Drum Mag can double ammo because Raven doesn't have magazines. Use an accurate secondary weapon, such as Jericho or some other pistols for backup, to kill enemies on further distances.


  • Vulcan Raven is a character in Metal Gear Solid series. His last name was inspiration for this gun's nickname, as Vulcan is the standard version of this weapon. In Metal Gear Vulcan Raven also used the M6A1 Vulcan machine gun.
  • The Raven does not have a visible trigger.
  • The Raven reminds some people of Edgar Allan Poe's poem "The Raven".
  • The Raven and the Vulcan both look like miniguns.