Precision Shot
Slot Primary
Type Experimental
Class Elite


Special Effect "+30% Critical Chance"

Precision Shot is a custom Experimental Weapon, the custom version of DSR1.


Precision Shot appears to be a high-tech ray shooter. Its barrel is golden. The gun also has a laser sight and a computer screen on the side. This weapon fires translucent, white grenades.


The Precision Shot has the second-highest impact of Experimentals and is tied with the Fortune's 500 in terms of accuracy. It has an average rate of fire and ammo capacity.

Special effect: Edit

All shots have an additional 30% to be a critical hit.


This weapon is good for both Elites and Snipers, but it could be better with Snipers due to their higher critical hit chance and better aim. Laser Sight is the best attachment, because it adds +15% damage to critical shots, and you will get many of them with Precision Shot.

It is dangerous for use in close combat, so a powerful close range weapon like the Righteous Bizon or any Blade.

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