Strike Force Heroes 3 Wikia
Slot Primary
Type Explosive
Class Mercenary


Blueprint No. 43
Custom Version Tank Buster

Panzer is an Explosive Weapon and a rocket launcher. Its custom version is the Tank Buster.


The Panzer is a shoulder-mounted, guided missile launcher. A foregrip and rear grip are attached to the bottom of the weapon. It also has two yellow warning labels; one is around the middle of the weapon while the other is placed at the back of the launch tube.


The Panzer is a guided, single-shot rocket launcher that fires homing rockets. It has the second highest impact of all Explosive weapons, only being eclipsed by the SMAWG. The Panzer also has high accuracy mainly due to its guided missiles.


Strong and reliable, the Panzer is highly effective at medium to long range. It can definitely kill more fragile opponents in one hit, and its guiding system will help secure those kills. In fact, the Panzer's rockets can even lock onto invisible opponents. This makes it a great weapon against enemy Ninjas.

However, due to its slow reloading speed, it is not nearly as suitable for fighting multiple enemies at once. In addition, the homing missile are accurate, but very slow. Opponents can simply outmaneuver them by running or jumping. Like all other Explosive weapons, the Panzer is best used with a close range secondary to avoid suicide. Due to a bug, equipping the Drum Mag gives the weapon unlimited ammo with no need to reload. This also works with the SMAWG. Overall, the Panzer is closely related to the SMAWG, exchanging a bit of damage and projectile speed for more accuracy.


  • The Panzer seems to be the spiritual successor of the Stinger from Strike Force Heroes 1 and 2 .
  • Panzer in German means armor. It was the name for a series of tanks first produced in World War 2. Its name is also connected to its custom version's name, Tank Buster.
  • The rockets fired by the Panzer are visually identical to the rockets fired by the Rocket Sentry Killstreak.