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Ninja is a female class and one of the eight classes.

They are masters of stealth, who use Duals and Shotguns and can't use Submachine Guns for secondary weapon.


Ninjas are new class in Strike Force Heroes series. They are offensive and support class, good at long range with Duals, but more powerful with Shotguns. The most common trait and power that makes the Ninja different from other classes is invisibility. With this trait, named Chameleon, they can become invisible to enemies if they aren't close to them or not shooting, and give surprise attacks.

Ninjas are best used for assasinating single enemies, as they can sneak close without enemies noticing. Their low health makes them vulnerable to attacks of enemies in group. Because of that, Ninjas shouldn't be attacking groups. In addition, Al Elites are very dangerous as their killstreaks will automatically reveal them to their other teammates, rendering the Chameleon trait useless. Almost all of their weapons have low fire rate. That is why Uzi and FMG9 duals are highly recommended for this class. Full auto weapons boost their offensive power.

They have the second highest critical chance (40%), so weapons with increased critical chance/damage like Ballers, can highly boost their effectiveness in combat. They are the most mobile class if you don't control them.


Smoke bomb - Ninja gets teleported to a random place in the map and gains invisibility for a few seconds.

Deadly Shurikens - Equips the Ninja with three shurikens (sharp ninja stars) which deliver huge damage and also poison enemies. Evelynn, the unique Ninja also uses this killstreak.


Chameleon - Always invisible when not close to enemies or firing weapons.

Matrix Dodge - 7% chance to dodge projectile/bullet.


Ninjas can have only Defensive and Offensive upgrades. Not even the unique ninja can have utility upgrades. Upgrade order of all normal ninjas is:

Column 1 (level 5) : Offensive 

Column 2 (level 10) : Defensive 

Column 3 (level 15) : Offensive 

Max Statistics[]

Health 150
Critical 40%
AI Aim 6
AI Mobility 9
AI Agression 7


Being female, Ninjas are small soldiers. They can be dressed in outfits that resemble real ninja warriors, or shirtless. Their special head element is bandana which covers their mouth, but not all Ninjas have them.


Ninja class can be unlocked on mission Ninja Nights if it's accomplished on normal for the first time. In Ninja nights you fight against team of ninjas who all have Chameleon trait. 

Ninja is the fourth class, and the second female class that can be unlocked in the game, after Medic.

Unique Ninja[]

The unique Ninja is Evelynn. She is unlocked by winning Ninja Nights on Insane mode. She is the 3rd unique character and 2nd unique female character that can be unlocked in the game.



  • Ninja class is a fairly new one in SFH 3, but in Strike Force Heroes: Extraction, a Japanese character called Ninja is one of playable heroes. She was also female.
  • Ninja class can be described as a mixture of the General from Strike Force Heroes 2 (dual-wielding) and Assassin from the original game (shares the same abilities and killstreaks).
  • The shirtless outfit is most likely a reference to Quiet from Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain.