Strike Force Heroes 3 Wikia
Age 34
Nationality Canadian
Class Engineer
Killstreak Rocket Sentry


Nathan is the unique Engineer of SFH3, unlocked by completing the Going Streaking challenge on the Insane difficulty.

Alongside Jyn, Dex and Tower, Nathan appeared in Strike Force Heroes 2 aiding the rookie, only to be kidnapped and reprogrammed by GlobeX in the second-to-last mission.


Nathan has the Rocket Sentry killstreak, which fires homing rockets over the map along with Heavy Deployment trait which gives the sentry 50% more health and duration. He has Susceptibilty flaw (More easily affected by status effects), although in gameplay he has higher resistance to them.


The top half of each upgrade column is offensive, while the bottom half is defensive

Upgrade Column 1: Iron GripHealthy

Upgrade Column 2: Steady AimRepair Bots

Upgrade Column 3: Crouch Master Lucky

No matter what weapon you give him, Nathan is the master of accuracy if he has all 3 offensive upgrades equipped. However, it is recommended to equip him with both Repair Bots and Healthy (or try and find Nanomachines in the shop or Healthy in the slot machine to add as a mod) for maximum healing capability. Now, not only will you have one pimped-up engineer, but you'll have one more space opened in your equipment slot to select either Crouch Master or Lucky.


Serving for 12 years in the military, Nathan's dangerous glory combat finally found him with a dishonorable discharge. After this, Nathan continued to train for years until he finally took his strict combat ability and technical skills to the Heroes.

Before SFH 3[]

Nathan and Dex helped The Scientist by killing GlobeX soldiers who tried to eliminate him. Dex worked for GlobeX secretly and tried to make Nathan believe West worked for GlobeX. Nathan tried to calm him down but too late, Dex killed West and left SFH without the general, because he was really the traitor who tipped off GlobeX. Nathan was captured by GlobeX in the end of SFH 2.

SFH 3[]

Along with Jyn, Tower and Dex, Nathan was re-programmed and started working for GlobeX. He became leader of one of the armies of GlobeX.

In Game[]

Nathan's "GlobeX version" can be fought in the mission Veteran Heroes where he goes against player along with his teammates who are also evil (Dex, Jyn and Tower). He uses Honey Badger primary starter rifle and TAC 45 sidearm and he has the same killstreak.


  • In SFH 2, Nathan wore a completely different helmet. But the helmet he wears now is same as the helmet he wore was shown with in trailers. One he wears now was helmet of GlobeX Engineers. However in SFH: Extraction, he wore this same helmet too.
  • Nathan, Tower and Calamity are only unique heroes unlocked on the mission their class isn't unlocked if played for the first time.
  • He was the most talkative (but not annoying) squad member in SFH 2.
  • According to descriptions from earlier games, Nathan was born in Canada. But in SFH 3, it says "American ex-Army" although it's possible they are referring only to the national army he was in.