Sfh 3 medic (2)

A medic. The outfit resembles Fio and Nadia from Metal Slug.

is one of eight classes. They use Machine Guns and Rifles, but cannot use Blades as a secondary weapon. The Medic class is unlocked on the first side mission Doctors Of Doom.

The Medic's symbol is a cross.


Another medic. This variations resembles the Medic from Team Fortress 2.


The Medic is a support class, specializing in supporting teammates. All of their traits and killstreaks focus on healing or boosting the defense of the squad. However, they lack offensive capability. All weapons they use are relatively weak compared to other classes (save for a few exceptions such as the Crazy Badger and Iron Curtain).  The Medic's true benefit lies not in their firepower, but in their supporting abilities and killstreaks. 

The Medic's health is average, and has a low critical chance. Their AI's Agression is the lowest in the game. 

Their default weapons are the MK48 machine gun and a Bizon SMG as the secondary.


The medics are a female class. One of their outfits is a reference to Fio Germi and Nadia Cassel from the Metal Slug series. Another variation resembles the Medic's outfit from Team Fortress 2.


Healing Aura - Every 3 seconds, nearby allies start healing slightly.

Loving Spirit - Nearby allies respawn 3 times quicker.


Rapid Regen - Rapidly heals all squadmates for 8 seconds.

Kevlar Vests - The entire team gets equipped with armor, instantly.


Column 1 (level 5) 

Column 2 (level 10)

Column 3 (level 15)

Max Statistics

Health 195
Critical Chance 12%
AI Aim 8
AI Mobility 5
AI Agression 4

Unique hero

Mayday is the unique Medic. She is unlocked upon completing Doctors Of Doom on insane difficulty.


  • Medic returns from Strike Force Heroes 1, but this time they are female and have different playstyle. The original Medic used weapons similar to Engineer, but this Medic is similar to him with killstreak that boost team's defensive power.