Strike Force Heroes 3 Wikia
Age 47
Nationality Sudanese
Class Medic
Killstreak Rapid Regen

Mayday is a unique hero in the Medic class. She is unlocked after completing Doctors Of Doom on Insane difficulty. 


Mayday's husband Jenkins, a military policeman, was formerly a pilot for the SFH Alpha Squad and fought against GlobeX when they attacked the squad's cargo plane. He and the rest of Alpha Squad parachuted down onto a nearby island, but the Squad Commander was forced to kill Jenkins once Jenkins became infected with a deadly rage toxin. The infection was spread by GlobeX, who then tried to cover up the incident by nuking the facility and occupying the island.

Mayday joined the SFH after her husband's death. In Strike Force Heroes: Extraction, she is described as a woman who doesn't care about money, but only revenge. 

Abilities and Upgrades[]

Trait: Healing Aura

Flaw: Soft Head

Killstreak: Rapid Regen


Mayday has only Defensive and Utility upgrades.

Upgrade Column 1: - Healthy/Silent

Upgrade Column 2: - Repair Bots/Quick Learner

Upgrade Column 3: - AdrenalinePickpocket


With some of the best Defensive and Utility upgrades in the game, Mayday is one of the toughest Medics possible. The combination of Healthy and Repair Bots gives Mayday constant rapid health regeneration; her killstreak can spread this effect to her allies as well temporarily. She functions best using Machine Guns like the SAW in close range combat due to her durability. The Advanced Rifling attachment is recommended for Machine Guns as most of them have poor range. However, Mayday can definitely go for some more mid range support using Rifles instead. Overall, Mayday is a heavily defensive Medic and a great replacement for any less durable Medics. 


  • Mayday's outfit is a strong reference to Val from EVOLVE.
  • Her name and appearance are a reference to May Day, a famous villain from the James Bond franchise.