Machine Guns are a weapon type. They are used by Mercenary and Medic classes.


Most machine guns have extremely high rates of fire. It is their primary strength. SAW and Chain SAW have especially high RoF. However, machine guns have very bad accuracy. For most of weapons of this type, accuracy is the worst in the game. Because of this, Machine guns are best at close range. They have longer range than Elemental Weapons, but due to the bad accuracy most of the shots you fire probably won't hit the enemy.

There are some exceptions.  HMG50 and its golden version, the Ratatouille, is more accurate, but have low rate of fire for a machine gun.

Default machine gun for both Medics and Mercenaries is MK48.


Standard Weapons

Custom Weapons


Use Pistols and SMGs as secondary weapons to make long range combat easier.