MK32 SFH 3
Slot Primary
Type Explosive
Class Mercenary


Blueprint No. 42
Custom Version Bam Bam

The MK32 is an Explosive weapon. Its custom version is Bam Bam.

Appearance Edit

The MK32 appears to be a Milkor MGL Grenade launcher, bearing a foregrip, and tan color

Description Edit

The MK32 is a fully automatic grenade launcher. It has the highest ammo capacity of all Explosive weapons. Its other stats are average. The grenades fired are affected by gravity and bounce on solid objects.


MK32 is more powerful than GL06 in many ways, because of high DPS and high fire rate. Sometimes, the grenades can go in directions that you can't hit with other weapons from the point you are standing. It is perfect for firing from cover, even more when you go to missions with one hero, because you can shoot blind below yourself and make huge impact on enemies and be sure you won't hurt squadmates. 

But MK32 can't be used for long range, and with bouncy grenades, it isn't very accurate. It isn't very good for close range, either. Explosions can kill you. Still, when shooting from higher platforms, you can spam grenades everywhere, kill enemies without being aware of that, and take out groups of enemies.

Perfect for use on Street map. Climb up on the platforms and make it rain on enemies on the ground, they won't climb up unless they get spawned randomly after death. You should have a long range secondary, also with high accuracy, such as UMP45 or any Pistol. It is good to use with Burst Module

Trivia Edit

  • MK32 is not an actual weapon but torpedo launcher. But very similar weapon with same name is in Call of Duty: Ghosts game.
    • Milkor MGL is the name for MK32 in real life.
  • This weapon appears to be the successor of the M32 from Strike Force Heroes 2, also a grenade launcher. They were used by the Juggernaut class.
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