Laser Cutter is an Experimental weapon.

Laser Cutter
Fully Upgraded Flawless Laser Cutter
Slot Primary
Type Experimental
Class Sniper, Elite
Blueprint No. 52
Custom Version Decimator


Laser Cutter fires red laser rays. It has high rate of fire, similar to a machine gun. But it has short range (similar to Ion Cannon), low impact and you need to use it for few seconds to kill the enemy. Laser Cutter is still excellent support weapon because of high fire rate, and it has chances to ignite enemies. The Elite class and the Sniper class are able to use it.


This weapon is actually a Machine Gun, as it fires extremely fast and has short range and weak accuracy. It is the most similar to Chain SAW because it has chance to ignite enemies. Since the Laser Cutter is a close range weapon, it is NOT recommended for the Sniper class because of its below average health. If you are going to use this weapon, equip a secondary weapon with a decent range and accuracy like the P99 or Desert Eagle.