Age 24
Nationality Korean
Class Sniper
Killstreak Wall Hack

Wall Hack

Jyn is a unique hero of the Sniper class and originally a character from Strike Force Heroes 2.

Traits and Upgrades Edit

Jyn has the Wall Hack killstreak, allowing him to shoot through any wall (Although not through other players/corpses) for 6 seconds, and the Brain Magnet trait which gives every one of his shots a 10% chance of being counted as a headshot, no matter where it hit the opponent. The top half of each upgrade column is offensive, while the bottom half is utility. His flaw is Loud, making himself more easily spotted by enemies from a distance.

Upgrade OrderEdit

Upgrade Column 1: Extreme Focus / Long Lasting

Upgrade Column 2: Kill Stealer / Charismatic

Upgrade Column 3: Confidence / Muscle Memory

Recommendation: Select all the offensive upgrade columns and equip a custom primary sniper rifle such as the AWP or the Rehab for maximum one-shot ability. A carefully placed headshot will undoubtedly kill any character in the game with just a single shot unless some characters has the Adrenaline perk active (Dependent on character and weapon level, the higher the level, the more damage it deals). Also equip a powerful secondary such as the Jericho ,Bolt Sticker or the Hattori Hanzo to match the sniper rifle's one-shot power. 

How to Unlock Edit

If the player beats side mission Watch Your Back on Insane difficulty, he can be unlocked as unique hero and will fight for the SFH.


Strike Force Heroes 2Edit

Jyn was part of team along with Nathan, Dex, Tower and West. One day when a new hero Wesley came to their base, he was playing video games when GlobeX broke in the base. The team defeated them. Nathan and Dex went to the Asian market to find The Scientist while Jyn and Tower stayed in the base to protect it in case of another break-in. When Dex came back to the base, he killed West so the squad realized he works for GlobeX. With Nathan and Tower, Jyn raced Dex to prevent him from killing Iagi. They didn't suceed. Jyn loved the idea of going to space to shut down the signal of GlobeX clones. They made it, and came back to the Earth where Jyn was captured along with Tower and Nathan.

Strike Force Heroes 3Edit

He was then reprogrammed by the Scientist who took over GlobeX corporation. He became one of the GlobeX army leaders along with other captured SFH members. He is described as a life long gamer and the youngest ever Hero. Player fights against him in the side mission of mission 44 on street map, and can recruit him after completing the Watch Your Back side mission on Insane difficulty.


  • Jyn is an expert gamer.
  • His gaming tag is SnipaXKilla.
  • Jyn has ADHD according to his description from Strike Force Heroes: Extraction.
  • He is described as the youngest ever SFH member (24), but Rookie in Extraction was only 20 years old. Now as SFH 3 is two years later, he would be 22, but still younger than Jyn.
  • According to the cutscene at the opening of STF3, Jyn is 24 years old, 5'10 tall (1m78) & 150 lb (68 kg) heavy.
  • He has an Xbox as in SFH2 when the Globex attacked their base.
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