Sfh 3 juggernaut
The Juggernaut
is a class in Strike Force Heroes 3. It is unlocked after clearing Mission 6, making it one of the earliest classes in the game. They have the heaviest defensive power in the game.

Tower is the unique hero for the Juggernaut class.



Juggernauts are a tank/close range class, wielding powerful shotguns and elemental primary weapons, but only having access to SMG and blade secondary weapons.

Both of his killstreaks give him a full set of armor along with another effect: Flame Armor ignites (and poisons) nearby enemies for 7 seconds, while "I'm the Juggernaut" reflects all bullets for 7 seconds.

The juggernaut's traits both help him do extra damage, but they are more defensive: Deflective Armor gives an 8% chance to reflect any bullet back at the enemy, and Vital Bomb sets off an explosion when the juggernaut dies, damaging anyone nearby.

The juggernaut's upgrades reflect his defensive nature; the first and third columns are defensive, while the middle is utility.

Juggernauts are the class with the highest health (300 HP maximum), but they have high firepower only on close ranges. However, Defriender shotgun, and many other shotguns with Advanced Rifling give them high firepower on relatively long ranges, making them one of the most powerful classes. 


Deflective Armor - 7% chance the bullet will be deflected, but you still take damage.

Vital Bomb - Rigs himself with explosives and explodes on death, damaging nearby enemies. (This trait currently doesn't work.)


Flame Armor - Gets a flaming shield which ignites nearby enemies, along with full armor set.

"I'm The Juggernaut" - All bullets get deflected but you still take damage. (big version of Deflective Armor).

Max Statistics

Health 300
Critical Chance 10%
AI Aim 5
AI Mobility 6
AI Aggression 6



Juggernauts are the biggest soldiers in any battle. They have huge armor, but only two head and body variations of it. One helmet resembles a space marine, with transparent helmet through which Juggernaut's face can be seen, while other one covers Juggernaut's face entirely. As for the body armour, one looks like it's made out of metal while the other looks like a heavy Kevlar body armour. Tower also has his face covered, but with different (unique) helmet. Juggernauts are soldiers with most parts of their body covered with armor.

Unique information


  • One of the possible outfits is a reference to Starcraft series's marine

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