The Jericho is a custom pistol and the custom version of the Desert Eagle



The Jericho is a powerful pistol and has a 75% better fire rate then the Desert Eagle.

It has average accuracy for a pistol, like the Desert Eagle. Licence To Kill is better there, but the greatest rate of fire of all pistols, which are usually slow, makes up for everything. It's a greatly improved pistol with high bonus, like all other pistols.


If you know how to use it fast enough you can use this as a great offensive weapon. It is a good backup for all types of weapons but mostly Machine Guns (for Medic, cause Mercenaries can't use pistols unfortunately). It can also backup some Explosives.

Using a hair trigger with the Jericho can make it even better for offense.


  • Jericho is different gun In real life. (IWI Jericho 941, or the Baby Eagle)