Iron Curtain
Slot Primary
Type Rifle
Class Engineer


Special Effect "Chance to poison enemies"

The Iron Curtain is a custom Rifle. Its normal version is the AK12.

Appearance Edit

The Iron Curtain appears similar to the AK12 but with a golden stock and barrel. It has a scope on the top of the barrel along with a grenade launcher attached on the bottom


The Iron Curtain is a fully automatic Rifle with an incredibly high rate of fire and above average damage. It has average accuracy and a low ammo capacity. The Iron Curtain also has a chance to poison enemies.


The Iron Curtain is a killing machine at any range. Its high rate of fire combined with strong damage allows it to shred through enemies incredibly fast. Unfortunately, the gun chews through its ammo just as quickly, but using an Extended Mag can help alleviate that. Its accuracy is also not great, but by no means terrible.

The Iron Curtain faces stiff competition from the Crazy Badger for being the best Rifle in the game. Both are very similar weapons in terms of statistics and the only real differences are present in their special effects. Ultimately, determining the better weapon is up to personal preference. Overall, in spite of its rivalry with the Crazy Badger, the Iron Curtain is an excellent Rifle and one of the best weapons in the game.


  • Its name may be a reference to the "Iron Curtain" that split Europe. The AK12 is a Russian rifle, and the Iron Curtain was associated with Russia.
  • The Iron Curtain is also a Machine Gun in Strike Force Heroes: Extraction.
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