Ion Cannon
Ion cannon
Slot Primary
Type Experimentals
Class Elite


Blueprint No. 51
Custom Version Paralyzer
Ion Cannon is an Experimental Weapon.


Ion Cannon fires green beams with short range that can be compared to Laser Cutter but has better fire rate than most of the Experimetals. It also has chance to poison enemies.

It fires multi-shot, so it's basically a shotgun. Impact is excellent, accuracy is average.

Paralyzer is the custom version of this gun.


Effective only on short range, little longer than Elementals. It's a starter weapon so you should replace it. If you don't like the short range, replace it with DSR1 or Pulse Rifle. This weapon shouldn't be used by Snipers because their low health makes close combat hard.

Have a good long ranged secondary along with this gun. 


  • Although it fires electric beams, it poisons instead of electrocuting.