The Honey Badger is one of the starter weapons in the game, and the starter hero, Wesley, will wield this weapon at first sight.


Honey Badger appear as a traditional assault rifle, with black hand liner, barrel, handle, reload handle, magazine, and front sight. The guard and the rest of the gun is painted in white.


The Honey Badger is a full-auto rifle with pretty rounded stats. The DPS is decent for a rifle, especially for a starter weapon. It also has Low Detection, so it's ok to use it when your trying a mission like Watch Your Back. The best attachment to use is probably Hair Trigger, but if your a person that wastes ammo, the Extended Mag is the best one to use. And the best equipment would be Tactical Ammo if you want a fire rate boost. If you find this weapon's custom version, the Crazy Badger, a low level one can take you really far, so obviously this gun is a solid weapon for everything.

Honey Badger
Slot Primary
Type Rifle
Class Engineer, Medic
Blueprint No. None (default weapon)
Custom Version Crazy Badger

Variants Edit

Normal Honey Badger

Normal Honey Badger

Flawless Honey Badger

Flawless Honey Badger

Trivia Edit

  • The TAC 45 is the only other weapon available at the start of the game.
  • The Honey Badger is based on the real-life AAC Honey Badger, a personal defense weapon adopted as a replacement to the MP5K by U.S Special Forces.
  • The Honey Badger has an integrated suppressor, which is most likely where its low detection comes from.
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