Strike Force Heroes 3 Wikia

SFH 3 Harbinger.jpg
Slot Primary
Type Rifle
Class Engineer


Special Effect "+15% critical chance"

The Harbinger is a custom Rifle.


Similar to XM8A1. It have a gold hull instead of green grey one. The model always have a extra second handle bar and a yellow ruler sight at the top.


The Harbinger is the gold, custom version of the XM8A1 Rifle. Its stats are almost identical to its standard version. It offers a +15% Critical Chance as well as increased damage per second.


Like the XM8A1, the Harbinger is a good balanced weapon. However, it does best at mid-to-long range combat due to its low Rate of Fire. It is best used with a secondary with a high RoF for close range combat, or use a Blade, e.g., Hattori Hanzo. Laser Sight is also a good weapon mod to use, since the gun already has a higher crit chance, and laser sight deals more crit damage. Tbh, it is not as good as Crazy Badger or Iron Curtain as the fire rate is to slow to make this an effective weapon.


  • This weapon resembles a real life XM8.
    • This weapon has also been in SFH2.