SFH 3 Harbinger
Slot Primary
Type Rifle
Class Engineer


Special Effect "+15% critical chance"

The Harbinger is a custom Rifle.


The Harbinger is the gold, custom version of the XM8A1 Rifle. Its stats are almost identical to its standard version. It offers a +15% Critical Chance as well as increased damage per second.


Like the XM8A1, the Harbinger is a good balanced weapon. However, it does best at mid-to-long range combat due to its low Rate of Fire. It is best used with a secondary with a high RoF for close range combat, or use a Blade, e.g., Hattori Hanzo. Laser Sight is also a good weapon mod to use, since the gun already has a higher crit chance, and laser sight deals more crit damage.


  • This weapon resembles a real life XM8.
    • This weapon has also been in SFH2.