Slot Primary
Type Machine Guns
Class Medic


Blueprint No. 38
Custom Version Ratatouille

The HMG50 is a Machine gun. It's custom version is Ratatouille.


The HMG50 is an unique Machine gun. It has high accuracy, which is rare in Machine guns. Unfortunately, it has low RoF but higher Impact. Because of this, the HMG50 is more of a mid-range weapon than a close-range one. Even so, it is not advised that you use this weapon at all, as it lacks in range, having the typical short range found in Machine guns. It is not effective mid range or short range.


Since the HMG50 has a slow RoF, it is best to carry a sidearm with a high RoF to compensate. Do not use the HMG50 as a close-range weapon. A SMG such as the RCP 90 or a pistol like the Five Seven are good backups. You don't need to worry about accuracy, because the HMG50 itself is very accurate for a machine gun. Hair Trigger is the best attachment for this weapon, as it increases the rate of fire by 15%.


It seems to be the spiritual successor to the OICW of SFH. They share high damage values as well as high accuracy and slow RoF.

  • HMG50(heavy machine gun 50 caliber) is not a real life weapon. SFH 3 had taken this gun from Call of Duty, a first person shooter game. The HMG50 in Call of Duty was based on the Fn/Browning M2 .50 bmg machine gun.