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Gunslinger is a class which can be recruited after the first mission. They can use Dual weapons or Sniper rifles. They cannot use Blades (melee weapons) for their secondary weapon.

The Gunslinger symbol resembles the cylinder of a revolver.


Gunslingers are sort of hybrid offensive-support class. They have powerful offensive power, but also possess supporting abilities that boost the offensive power of the entire team. These killstreaks are RoF Boost and Critical Boost. Critical boost increases chance for critical shots. The Gunslinger has two possible traits: Gun Play and Inspire.

They use dual weapons and sniper rifles, allowing for long range damage. However, most of their weapons have low rates of fire. The exceptions, however, are the Uzi or FMG9 SMGs. Gunslingers cannot use the melee secondary weapons.

With a maximum of 50% chance to crit, Gunslingers possibly the highest chance to do critical damage. Although they have access to snipers, they are better suited for close combat due to access to powerful duals like the Avengers and Ballers.

AI gunslingers have the worst aim in the game, which suits their intended weaponry. Duals are solely intended for barraging bullets at enemies, not precise, accurate shots.


RoF Boost - Increases fire rate of allies by 50% for 8 seconds.

Critical Boost - Like RoF boost, but it increases critical chance instead.


Inspire - Walking near allies increases their critical chance.

Gun Play - Killing an enemy instantly reloads the other weapon.


Column 1 (level 5) Utility Upgrades

Column 2 (level 10) Offensive Upgrades

Column 3 (level 15) Utility Upgrades 


Gunslinger class is unlocked after the first mission so that makes them the second class available to play in Strike Force Heroes 3, after the Engineer.

Max Statistics[]

Health 160
Critical 50%
AI Aim 4
AI Mobility 8
AI Agression 8

Unique hero[]

Calamity, previously a sniper rifles expert in Strike Force Heroes: Extraction, is the unique hero for Gunslinger class.

Sanchez is another unique Gunslinger. As part of the tutorial, she is recruited after the first mission. Although her appearance isn't unique, she has a distinct upgrade order. She is the only Gunslinger who uses defensive upgrades. However, it results in weaker offensive power, so Calamity is far more powerful than her.


Gunslingers is a female class. They all have hats/berets and wear gloves. 

  • Gunslinger 1 Variant - Leotard type outfit with stripes on the legs. Inspired by Cammy from the Street Fighter franchise.
  • Gunslinger 2 Variant - Police type outfit. Inspired by Jill Valentine from the Resident Evil game franchise.