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Gorge is a map in Strike Force Heroes 3. It is the smaller version of Canyon.


Gorge is a small and low map. It has the same design and background as the Canyon. In the center there is a hole which kills the player. The player can fall off the rocks and die in the very left part of the map, so the map isn't closed, unlike Canyon. To pass from the one side of the map to another, the player needs to jump, and Gorge is the only map in the game with that design along with Factory because their design is almost identical. Like in the Canyon, a desert wind blows all the time which carries corpses.


Because this is actually re skin of Factory map, you should use same tactics. Take advantage of enemy AI who kill themselves by jumping in the hole on normal. Just be careful, on the left side the map is open unlike the Factory, and falling off from it results in death.

Secret Achievement[]

Tin Man mod is unlocked if the player blows up the hero with Explosive weapon in way that they fly so high that they disappear from the map. make sure you are at the far left side of the map, where you will find a skull wearing nathan's "future soldier" headgear from SFH2. Set game mod to Sky9 Mod and that will give super physics necessary for completing this


  • On normal mode, multiple enemy soldiers sometimes walks in the hole and commit suicide.
  • This map is actually modified reskin of Factory, which is re-skin of Foundry from SFH 1.