GlobeX is a powerful criminal military organization and the main enemy of the Strike Force Heroes. They achieve their goals by terrorism, corruption and mass murder. They fought with the SFH years ago, and the resulting war is still going on. The Scientist is their current leader.


GlobeX soldiers were originally clones created by Their Unnamed Original Leader, designed to be completely loyal to him. This resulted in a massive private army of sociopathic soldiers that carried out his orders without question.

In their first public appearance, a large army occupied an island in the Pacific Ocean, where The Scientist and others were working on a new chemical weapon, a nerve toxin which would paralyze soldiers with fear. However, the experiment went wrong and it turned into a virus which started filling test subjects with uncontrollable rage.

Before the Scientist could complete his formula for the cure, GlobeX broke into the facility and massacred everyone inside. But the Scientist survived thanks to a discarded M4 carbine and the efforts of a Commando. The Commando led SFH's Alpha Squad, made up of Toad, Shadow, Riggs and Bull. After getting their cargo plane blown up by GlobeX's air force, crash landing on the island and saving the Scientist, the squad returned to a ruined jungle village to collect plants that the Scientist would use to make a cure to the infection. But GlobeX ambushed them. Alpha Squad won the firefight and, after interrogating a surviving GlobeX mook, later went to GlobeX's HQ, an abandoned Foundry. After getting rid of the defenders, Alpha Squad accessed the factory's supercomputer and discovered who their attackers were.

Soon, a war between GlobeX and SFH began when GlobeX launched a massive assault on the island. After clearing out the facility and retrieving equipment, the cure was completed. SFH returned once again to the Foundry where their commander found out that GlobeX was planning to launch a nuclear warhead to destroy the island and the countries near it. Sneaking onto GlobeX's armoured train, Alpha Squad attempted to stop the missile launch, but failed. On the Scientist's orders, the squad's commander jumped onto it to replace the warhead with the cure. He succeeded but the GlobeX Leader landed onto the nuke, armed with a minigun and two pistols. After a ferocious gunfight aboard the missile, the Commander survived by parachuting himself off the missile, while the GlobeX Leader was 'killed' in the explosion. As the rest of Alpha Squad battled the hordes of infected soldiers, the cure washed over the entire area. The infected SFH troops were now human again, the island had been retaken and the world was safe. However, hundreds of SFH soldiers and civilians had been killed in the battle.

The Strike Force Heroes thought GlobeX had been destroyed as their leader had been killed. However, unknown to them, the leader who died was a clone, while the real one was still alive and continued running his PMC. The Scientist was also a mole working for GlobeX. He contacted the leader a few weeks after the cure was deployed, glad that his boss survived. Soon, GlobeX restructured their army and continued making clones. However, the organisation had been badly damaged from their battle with the SFH. As a result, there were no new campaigns as they chose to recover and plan their revenge against the SFH. Meanwhile, the war continued on a smaller scale as SFH sent new teams of spies to collect intel from the GlobeX HQ and their new stronghold at an abandoned military base in Eastern Europe.

While this was going on, a rift was developing between the Scientist and the GlobeX Leader, who had different ideas on how to run the PMC. They also managed to convince Dex, an American mercenary and SFH veteran, to join them. He became their double agent and worked effectively, despite frustrating the Leader with his constant demands for pay raises.

Several years later, GlobeX sent a group of soldiers into space to hijack an unknown space station. After bombing the station and wiping out astronauts Houston, Mick, Buzz and Neil, the soldiers hacked the station's satellite to broadcast a signal to control GlobeX's 2nd generation of clones. At the same time, a squad was sent to launch a surprise attack the SFH's underground HQ in the South American desert.

Shocked that GlobeX had managed to regain their strength, Nathan, Dex and Wesley travelled to a city in China where the Scientist was on holiday, in order to get info. After saving him from an assassination attempt, the Scientist revealed that GlobeX troops were clones and directed them to Iagi, a famous DNA specialist, to avoid suspicion. When the team arrived at Iagi's mansion in Japan, they were attacked by a squad of clones. But the trio beat them off and met with Iagi, who promised to work on a cure.

While attempting to steal GlobeX's convoy of tanks, high-tech planes and rocket artillery, the Heroes were attacked once again. To hide the fact that he was giving GlobeX info on their location, Dex accused West of being a traitor. As West had been sacked by the British Army for treason, Nathan agreed. Dex's accusation was backed up when the heroes discovered GlobeX's hidden factory on the outskirts of Rio, defended by clones of NathanJynDexTower and West.

By the time the team returned back to their base, Iagi had completed his serum and arranged to deliver it to them. But before they could do so, West was murdered by Dex with a shot to the back of the head. When the team confronted him, Dex revealed that he had been a GlobeX mole all along and let in another squad of clones. In the resulting chaos, Dex hijacked the Heroes's dropship and flew off to assassinate Iagi.

Wesley and the rest of the team sped off on their captured convoy, while fighting off a huge attack from GlobeX. But by the time they reached Iagi's lab, the scientist was already dead. While the team battled a GlobeX sniper and Dex, a clone of Iagi arrived to attack the team with an acid thrower. The Heroes had no choice but to head back to the Scientist's location.

After yet another gunfight, the Scientist agreed to help the Heroes and carry out his secret revenge against the Leader, who he saw as a failure, by ruining his plans. During another battle at the factory, the Scientist informed the team that his Leader's satellite was controlling the clones, and they had to upload a virus to shut it down. A huge firefight began aboard the space station, but the SFH took control and uploaded the virus. When the satellite was shut down, most of the mighty clone army lost control. However, the Leader's troops in South America were still active due to a signal from the factory.

Deciding that the Heroes had outlived their usefulness, the Scientist betrayed them by alerting the guards. Nathan, Tower and Jyn were dragged off to be brainwashed and turned into clones. But Wesley had managed to sneak past the guards. The Scientist tried to stop Wesley by sending out Dex to kill him. But before either of them could fire a shot, the Leader activated his giant mech and crushed Dex with a stomp. Hurriedly adjusting his plans, the Scientist commanded Wesley to distract the Leader by fighting off the guards so he could shut down the autopilot on the nukes inside the mech, preventing GlobeX from blowing up some of the world's biggest cities.

Wesley not only won the battle, he also managed to sneak aboard the giant mech and don a prototype suit of power armor. As the Leader destroyed his factory and prepared to fire on Rio, Wesley punched him in the face. Soon, an epic duel began aboard the top of the mech, with Wesley dodging missiles and lasers as the Leader and his two remaining clones of himself attempted to kill the rookie. Finally, Wesley won the duel, shooting the leader off his mech and watching as the man hurtled to his death into the ruins of the factory. The world had been saved again, but a terrible cost.

What Wesley had done, unknown to him and the SFH, was simply let the Scientist carry out his revenge against the Leader, and now he was in charge of the company, with a new clone army to boot. To add insult to injury, the now brainwashed Heroes led clones to attack SFH's various bases across the world. However, Wesley, now the commander of the South American base, began assembling a new international team to restore SFH.

Despite GlobeX's newfound power, Wesley proved to be a brilliant commander and his team scored victory after victory in some of the biggest battles of the war, even defeating his old friends. In desperation, the GlobeX generals deployed their two most powerful and advanced clones to date, named Justin and Mike.

But against all odds, Wesley and a fellow comrade managed to destroy GlobeX's super soldiers. In a fit of rage, the Scientist massacred the entire GlobeX high command, vowing to succeed where the Leader had failed. Thankfully, though, Wesley and his team had not found out who was controlling GlobeX, so as far as the Scientist was concerned, the PMC was still safe.

Unknown to the Scientist, however, the Leader had somehow survived yet again and was now contacting the SFH.


In the first Strike Force Heroes, the GlobeX HQ was a foundry where they secretly held important documents of the company. On their hidden supercomputer, SFH found out about the GlobeX Leader's true intentions. Among other files were memes, a company Christmas photo, a grocery list, GlobeX shift hours and the game itself. By the end of the campaign, GlobeX abandons the foundry.

In Strike Force Heroes: Extraction, the base is now a giant skyscraper in Rio, where many important files are stored. Throughout the game, the SFH send their best soldiers to break into their headquarters and steal as many files as they can. In the teaser trailer, Rookie breaks into the tower and is chased by GlobeX soldiers who look similar to the ones seen in Strike Force Heroes 3. 

In Strike Force Heroes 2, GlobeX produces their new generation of human clones and constructs their giant mech in a Factory on the outskirts of Rio. The cloning factory has a secure location where the Scientist later analyzes GlobeX's intel retrieved by the Heroes, but the Scientist probably knew about the room the whole time, because he was still working with GlobeX.  

In Strike Force Heroes 3, the new GlobeX Headquarters is now a massive fortress set in an unknown location. Jyn, Tower, Nathan and Dex were re-programmed there. The Scientist runs the headquarters from his large meeting room, with the GlobeX high command sitting around the table. The headquarters also have several flags which resemble Nazi Germany's, but instead of actual swastikas there are X symbols that possibly stand for "X" in "GlobeX"  


  • The GlobeX soldiers in the first game wear black, with their faces completely masked. Most notably, the Assassin is dressed like a Ninja and the Tank resembles a black and red Stormtrooper. Tanks and Medics command the squads. Interestingly, their Commandos made frequent use of "Bouncing Betty" landmines.
  • In the second game, they have a unique uniform in a special black camo pattern. The pattern, named GlobeX, can be unlocked via the slot machine. Engineers wear the Night Vision helmet with the goggles pulled down and the Mark IV Kevlar vest. Mercenaries wear a gas mask and the Bravery body, with black dragon tattoos on their arms. Generals wear the Shepard beret, but have black hair rather than gray alongside a red electronic eye, and the Safety First uniform. Snipers wear the Peekaboo helmet with the visor closed and the High Endurance sneaking suit. And Juggernauts wear a closed version of the Neck Protection helmet, plus the Come At Me armor.
  • Curiously, GlobeX troops only show up in the intro of SFH 3. The Scientist's clone army, instead, is simply made up of bots with randomly-generated appearances and loadouts. Perhaps these are ex-SFH soldiers brainwashed into working for GlobeX.
  • Throughout the series, GlobeX is revealed to have a lot of resources. In the first game, they not only have enough manpower to invade an entire island, they also have their own air force, who pilot MiG jet fighters that destroy Alpha Squad's cargo plane in the beginning and escort the nuclear warhead. As well as that, they have a special armored train that allows them to transport important weapons. By the second game, they now have their own space soldiers (who use the First Blood knife as their main sidearm) and a convoy with giant tanks, massive cannons, huge troop carriers and advanced planes, plus a giant mech filled with bombs, lasers and clones.